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  Hints and Tips for: Space Cadet Pinball 
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 Space Cadet Pinball Cheats

Space Cadet Pinball

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by. David K

Secret Tunnel:
There is a secret tunnel in the deployment chute. To get this the ball into
this tunnel called a Skill Shot, you must launch the ball partway up the 
deployment chute and have it come down to the first yellow arch light. 
There are 6 yellow arch lights in the chute, and they give out different
points depending on how many you hit: 
1 - 15,000 Points 
2 - 30,000 Points
3 - 75,000 Points 
4 - 30,000 Points 
5 - 15,000 Points
6 - 7,500 Points

Cheat List:
Type these codes at the beginning to get their effect

Gravity well  - gmax
Never lose    - bmax(but you can't get a recorded high score
Extra ball    - 1max 
Promotion     - rmax

Mouse Control:
To control the ball in play with your mouse, type in "hidden test" (no quotations,
space in the middle) before the first ball is launched. This will allow the ball 
to be controlled easily simply by using your mouse.

Hyperspace Chute:
This is how the hyper space chute works. 

4.Extra ball 
5.Gravity well 
Gravity well is cool.

Hyper Space Chute II:
Putting the ball into the hyper space chute the 4th time doesn't get you a free 
ball. it gets you an OPPORTUNITY to get a free ball ("EXTRA BALL AVAILABLE"). To
actually get it, you have to get your ball into the vertical chutes to the extreme
left or extreme right, all the way at the bottom. You have to do it while the light
in those chutes is lit. Here's the real trick with the hyper space chute: DON'T go 
into it for the 5th time to do "GRAVITY WELL". It's neat to see the ball act funny 
and you get a few points once the gravity is "normalized", but instead of doing that,
try to get your "extra ball", and then wait a few minutes. after a minute or so, the 
fourth light in the hyper space chute will go out. Once it does, THEN shoot your 
ball back into it and you'll get another "EXTRA BALL AVAILABLE"! I've managed to 
rack up 4 extra balls at one time that way. But... "REPLAYs" are more valuable than
"EXTRA BALLS", because with a replay, any missions ! that you're currently in the 
middle of don't get cancelled; you get to continue them. 
With an extra ball, you start over. 

Debug Mode:
Type in the words "hidden test" with the space to enable a secret debug mode, 
apparently added in by the developer to aid in testing. Now you can hold down the
left mouse button and drag the ball anywhere you want, in complete ignorance of 

This code enables other hidden features that can be triggeredduring gameplay: 

Press H to edit the high scores. 
Pressing M displays your system memory available to windows. 
Pressing R increases your rank. 
Pressing Y displays the game FPS in the title bar. 
B, F11, and F12 are also hidden keys, but their functions are currently unknown.

Hidden Test:
Okay, at the begining of the game, BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, type in: hidden test and
press enter. now, place your mouse pointer over the ball, click, hold, and drag it 
wherever you want. Note: a high score will not be saved.

Level Commendation:
If you're a good aim with the flippers, knock down the 3 yellow "tombstones" that 
are in roughly the center of the table, just above and to the right of the ramp. 
The first time you get all 3 down, you get "LEVEL ONE COMMENDATION". If you do it 
again within a minute or so, you get LEVEL TWO, then THREE... you can get replays 
this way. If you can continue to knock them all 3 down before the time runs out 
and the lights go out, you can get as many replays as you want. It takes incredible 
aim to do it, but it's worth practicing at!

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