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  Hints and Tips for: Sparkle 
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 Sparkle Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Use a text editor to edit the "megan.ini" file in the game folder. Change the 
value of the "Developer_Mode" line from "0" to "1". Then, press one of the 
following keys at the main menu to activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Key Effect  
1  - Get the "Got 5x Combo" achievement. (made a combo of 5).
2  - Get the "Got Chain 12x" achievement (made 12 chains in a row).
3  - Get the "Popped 1000 Orbs" achievement. (destroyed a total of 1000 orbs/balls)
4  - Get the "Played for 4 hours" achievement  
5  - Get the "Won 200 levels" achievement	
6  - Get the "2000 matches made" achievement 
     (popping 3 greens = 1 match, popping 4 blue = 1 match)
7  - Get the "100 Pushers destroyed" achievement 
     (1 pusher is 1 group of orbs, destroy all orbs to eliminate that pusher)
8 -  Get the "Completed Quest" achievement (finish the game)

Unlocking four secrets gives you an amulet.

Secret #1: Complete the rune circle three times on the instructions page 
           (by eliminating orbs).
Secret #2: Butterfly Bouncer. Move butterflies to the sparkle orb slinger 
           at the main menu. 
Secret #3: Persistent Lock Clicker. Click on a locked game mode, or the 
           locked amulets section over five times. 
Secret #4: Click on the pond at the bottom center of the map over ten times.
Secret #5: People Shrunk. Click on every name in the credits to shrink them.
Secret #6: On the instructions page, capture a power-up given by taking out 
           orbs without using the ones given out by the instructions power-up
           information (i.e. "shoot it") 
Secret #7: Fruit Picker. At the "tree of life" checkpoint, click on all three 
           of the sparkled fruits.
Secret #8: On the achievements page, click on all four rotating orbs to make 
           them stop.

Hint - Smallest mushroom secret:
Submitted by: rose

Click mushroom in bottom right corner under achievements section.

* Discover Sparkle's many hidden secrets to earn new amulets! There's the Persistent 
  Lock Clicker that you can get by quickly clicking many times on the locked game 
  modes BEFORE you actually unlock them. Another fun one is the Freebie Master. Go 
  to the instruction page and collect all of the special bonus orbs that pop out 
  until you unlock the secret. How many more can you find?
* click on the "Fruits" of the tree of life to discover a secret!
* In Quest in Options (or something - it's the top right button) - you can stop
  for spinning balls and click on the smallest mushroom. On the Quest Map click
  ten times on the pound. This three thinges combined with the freebie master 
  will give you one more Amulet. Also one Amulet is hidden on one of the levels
  in Survival.

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