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  Hints and Tips for: Spec Ops II - Green Berets 
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 Spec Ops II - Green Berets Cheats

Spec Ops II - Green Berets

Make your squad members REALLY useful:
Vlad, Submitted the following Information:

/improves response time,accuracy etc./
Every soldier is General of Army :
offset    value to set 
000000F0   1A
000000F4   1A
000000F8   1A
000000FC   1A
1A = General of Army (highest)

Cheat Codes:
Note: write it any time when playing the game [only in pakistan]

Code                Result
master of specops - godmode

No enemies:
After starting the game, select the "Fixed Enemies" selection at the options screen 
and set it to "No". Then, select the "Random Enemies" option and set it to "No". 

* Terrorists can be hard to spot in the jungle. But who says you need to see
  them? Pop some rifle grenades into the bushes, then fill the terrorists with
  lead when they flee. 

* Night-vision goggles are not the end all of after-dark operations. Frequently
  the goggles turn the jungle into an indiscriminate green mush. Try instead 
  to use the infrared sniper scope to find your enemies. 

* Use the DEF (defend this position) command, coupled with a waypoint close to
  the enemy's position, to induce your squad mates to lead the attack on the 
  enemy. If this is done properly, the AI soldiers will attempt to move to the
  highlighted position and engage any hostiles that they see. This will draw 
  the enemy's fire, and allow you to creep close to the bad guys without being

Increase time limits:
Use a text editor to edit the "levels.mrf" file in the "/zombie studios/specops
us army green berets" folder. Edit the "TimeLimit" entry to the desired time in
minutes. For example, enter "12" for 12 minutes, "24" for 24 minutes, etc. For 
example, use the following to change the Germany "Ship Hold" level. 
In the "levels.mrf" file, find the line containing text "LevelName" and 
"levelant2a". The following three paragraphs contain game information for this
level. Change the "TimeLimit" line from "6" to any other number. This number 
will be your new time limit in minutes. Save the file. This is the only helpful
change you can make to this file. Do not change the file name. You may wish to
rename the original file to "levels.bak" in case you wish to restore the default
game settings.

Add/remove squad members:
Use a text editor to edit a "level*.txt" file in the "/zombie studios/specops 
us army green berets/menu" folder. The level names will always start with "level",
followed by a 3-letter abbreviation of the mission region ("ant" for Antarctica,
"ger" for Germany, etc.), and then the level number. For example, to edit the 
Germany "Ship Hold" level load "levelger1f.txt". To add/remove squad members, 
simply change the number found to the right of the word "TeamSize" to the number
of squad members you desire. You may also wish to edit the "Notes" line, to 
indicate the correct number of squad members during game play. The "Situation", 
"Mission", "Execution", and "Notes" lines are all displayed prior to the start 
of each level. Any changes you make to these lines will appear during the level
briefings. Note: It is possible to add more than four squad members to your team,
however the results are not predictable, so it is not recommended. The load-out 
menu for these "extra" members will appear strangely, and selection of weapons 
and equipment can be confusing and time consuming. You also risk locking up your
PC by doing this Additionally, If you add squad members, it is very possible that
they may appear in the game with a higher rank than usual. This is yet another 
benefit, because the AI advances as the squad members gain rank. You may find 
that these "extra" members respond to your commands better, and take up a better
share of the work than lower-ranked squad members.

More weapons/equipment:
Use a text editor to edit a "inventory.txt" file in the 
"/zombie studios/specops us army green berets/menu" folder. In order to enable
more weapons and equipment to be used during the game, you must lower the "point
value" for all weapon and equipment items. Each item has a point value, which is
a number which represents a percentage of the total "load" that your squad members
can carry. The point value is the first number found after the weapon or equipment
name. Cutting these numbers in half will effectively double your overall load-
carrying capacity. (The numbers following this point value must not be changed,
as they refer to texture files, et cetera.) For example, the default point value
for an M203 (5.56mm rifle with 40mm grenade launcher) is "60". When you select 
the M203 using default "inventory.txt" file, this weapon will take up 60% of 
your total possible carrying load, leaving only 40% of your load capacity 
By lowering this number, you can select more items for use during the game. 
The lower the point value for each item, the more items you will be able to 
carry in the game.

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