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  Hints and Tips for: Spiderman 
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 Spiderman Cheats


Cheats of Spider-man:
Update by: Shezan Mahmud Sunny
Submitted by: Ayush

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes at the "Cheats" section of the "Specials" 
option at the main menu to activate the cheat function:

Result                         Code
Unlock everything            - LEANEST 
God mode                     - ADMNTIUM 
Infinite webbing             - GLANDS 
Full health                  - WEAKNESS 
What If? mode                - UATUSEES 
Character viewer             - RGSGLLRY 
View FMV sequences           - CINEMA 
All comic books              - FANBOY 
All levels                   - MME WEB 
All comic book covers        - KIRBYFAN 
Storyboard Viewer            - ROBRTSON 
Cartoon Spider-Man           - FUNKYTWN 
Stickman Spider-Man          - STICKMAN 
Quick Change Spidey costume  - SM LVIII 
Ben Reilly costume           - CLUBNOIR 
Peter Parker costume         - MRWATSON 
Amazing Bag Man costume      - KICK ME 
Scarlet Spider costume       - XILRTRNS 
Spidey Unlimited costume     - SYNOPTIC 
Captain Universe costume     - TRISNTNL 
Spidey 2099 costume          - MIGUELOH 
Symbiote Spidey costume      - SECRTWAR 
J. James Jewett              - RULUR 
Pulsating head               - EGOTRIP 

hi friends i m giving cheats /hints/tips again 
(ayush)please see it and cheat it !

Comic book locations 
Book Level Location 
 1 Bank Approach On top of the Fantastic Four Building. 
 2 Hostage Situation Under the chair in the cubicle. The cubicle is located on the second 
   half of the level. 
 3 Stop The Bomb! After freeing the hostages, return to the hallway just prior to the first 
   security door. 
 4 Race To The Bugle When the game cuts to the FMV of the two henchmen, you can find the 
   comic on the right side of the big building. 
 5 Spidey vs. Scorpion After destroying all of the furniture in the room, the comic will 
   appear in the middle. 
 6 Police Chopper Chase On the last building, look behind the box on the right-front. 
 7 Building Top Chase Inside the Goblin Crane Lair. 
 8 Scale The Girders On the left side of the building on the ledge. 
 9 Police Evaded The building with the skylights that get destroyed has the comic. 
   Shoot the broken glass. It will be located behind the class. 
10 Spidey vs. Rhino After destroying every barrel in the level you can find the comic in 
   the middle of Electric Pylons. 
11 Catch Venom Located on the incomplete building. 
12 Catch Venom Located on the roof of one of the buildings. 
13 Spidey vs. Venom Lift the car and toss it aside. The comic will appear. 
14 Sewer Entrance This comic is located inside the first hallway. Walk to the Cavern and 
   then return. 
15 Sewer Cavern Behind the waterfall. 
16 Sewer Plant Walk down the hallway and make your first left, walk to the end. 
17 Hidden Switches Press the fourth switch and return to the third switch. 
18 Tunnel Crawl Hit the switch on the first box, the comic will be in the second box. 
19 The Lizard's Maze Talk to the lizard, the comic will appear near by. 
20 Symbiotes Infest Bugle In the vent with the Hostage. 
21 Elevator Descent Walk down the Hallway, it will be at the bottom-left. 
22 Stop The Presses Lift and throw the stack of paper located on the second half of the level. 
23 Bugle's Basement  Shoot all four leaking pipes. The comic will become revealed when the 
   furnace on the left explodes. 
24 Spidey vs. Mysterio Destroy all of the target on the first stage, the comic will become 
   visible on the bottom level. 
25 Waterfront Warehouse Look in the alcove. 
26 Waterfront Warehouse At the end of the level, just prior to opening the vent that leads to 
   the next level, you must locate the hidden room behind the grating. It is the last grating 
   before the end of the level. 
27 Underwater Trench In the second machinery room is a hidden switch. Return to the part where 
   all of the gun turrets are (at the beginning of the level) and access the secret door. 
28 Stopping The Fog In the center column, a small room will be located in the bottom portion. 
29 Spidey vs. Doc Ock It will appear after Doc Ock's shield regenerates the first time. 
   It will only appear for a few seconds, so grab it quickly. 
30 Spidey vs. Carnage In the middle of the bubble it will appear and disappear and then appear 
   and then disappear. 
31 Spidey vs. Monster-Ock At the first bend in the pipe. 
32 Spidey vs. Monster-Ock  About 3/4 of the way through the level.

Spidey armour costume:
Submitted by: jeff vaz

Type metagomel at the cheats on the special menu to get yourself a spidey armour costume.

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