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  Hints and Tips for: Spine World 
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 Spine World Cheats

Spine World

Ghost Suit:
Submitted by: RM

* You need to go to the Aqua Lounge. Talk to the Bartender (The pink fish
  that serves drinks at the bar). He will blab on about this squid of his.
  He wants you to scare the guy at the Den.

* The Bartender, (The pink fish that serves drinks at the bar), in the Aqua
  Lounge also gives you a pair of sissors. Now you go back to Cloud Plaza 
  and then walk over to wear the Sky Tower is.

* Go to Maru's Shop Of Stuff. He will give you a white cloth. Then, when it
  is in the inventory, use the sissors to cut it and then it is a ghost suit!

* You can also finish the quest, but you should already know what to do buy

Submitted by: brent

Ok first go to aqua lounds secong mae sure two people are sitting down at the
bottom bot the table ok go sit somewhere far away and go back and click in the
middle of them make sure the pink arrow on the one to the left.

How to get member items:
Submitted by: JIG

To get go to shop an get the happy emotion up and it will give you the catalog.

For you active users you may have noticed that there's a holloween theme on, 
and in clould plaza there's a guy who came down in a a pumkin hot air balloon.
You accept his fireworks mission and here's where the things are: the powder 
is in Zorrof's shop in the corner, the tube is in tree top jungle, and the 
cone is the in misty island docking area.

How to float in air:
Submitted by: dino199199

ok put the snowball game on and dont chose a team but you must be at the alevator
go up the alevator and when you go down in the middle chose a team press the up 

Blob invasion:
Submitted by: dino199199

How to get free blob invasion ok now open the game where it says play dont start
the game and go on the alevator 6 time up and down they will warn you do that 
again and they will bane you but but its a cheat they will bane you for 4 ours
mabye and when you can go back you will have it.

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