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  Hints and Tips for: Split/Second 
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 Split/Second Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Disney XD car:
Select the "Options" tab at the main menu. Then, press [Up] [Left] [Right][Right]
[Left] [Left] [Right] [Right]. The Disney XD car will now be available in the garage
in Quick Play mode.

Bonus cars:
Select the "Options" tab at the main menu, then enter one of the following codes.
There will be no confirmation of correct code entry. The unlocked car will be available
in Quick Play and Split-Screen modes.

Unlockables - Cars:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding car. 

Elite S510       - Complete Episode 6.
Elite GT12       - Win all twelve Elite races in first place. 
Ryback Firestorm - Win every event in first place. 

Ultimate Wreck message:
In a race event, wreck all seven of your rivals with a powerplay. 
For a few seconds you will be the only car in the lap. 

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding decal. 

1/48: Winner: Win a round of the Season Championship. 
2/48: Qualifier: Qualify for the first round of the Season Championship 
3/48: Survivor: Complete round six of the Season Championship. 
4/48: Made The Podium: Complete the Season Championship. 
5/48: Season Champion: Complete the Season Championship in first place. 
6/48: Perfection: Complete every event and Season Championship race in 
      first place. 
7/48: Right On Track: Win your first Bonus Round. 
8/48: Moving Ahead: Win 6 Bonus Rounds. 
9/48: Leading The Way: Win every Bonus Round. 
10/48: Race Winner: Win your first Race event. 
11/48: Untouchable (Secret): Win a Race event without crashing. 
12/48: Split/Second (Secret): Win a Race event by less than a second. 
13/48: Eliminator: Win your first Elimination event. 
14/48: Eliminator Efficiency (Secret): Win a Season Elimination event 
       by being in 1st place at each elimination. 
15/48: Rope A Dope (Secret): With 5 seconds or less on the clock, escape
       from last place and certain elimination. 
16/48: Power Up: Trigger your first Level 1 Power Play. 
17/48: I Have The Power: Trigger your first Level 2 Power Play. 
18/48: Follow Me (Secret): In an event, change the track twice with a 
       Route Changer Power Play. 
19/48: Bully (Secret): In an event, wreck every rival with a Power Play. 
20/48: Cheapskate (Secret): Use a shortcut that a rival has triggered. 
21/48: Better Luck Next Time (Secret): Get wrecked by a shortcut that a
       rival has triggered. 
22/48: Zero To Hero (Secret): Use a route changer to go from 8th to 1st 
23/48: Frequent Flyer (Secret): In an event, wreck 3 rivals by crash 
       landing a plane.
24/48: Swept Away (Secret): In an event, wreck 3 rivals by destroying 
       a dam.
25/48: The Pain Train (Secret): In an event, wreck 3 rivals by derailing
       a train.
26/48: Shipwrecked (Secret): In an event, wreck 3 rivals by launching a
       ship sideways across the track.
27/48: High Pipe (Secret): In an event, wreck 3 rivals by demolishing 
       a cooling tower. 
28/48: Heavyweight: Wreck 1000 rivals with Power Plays. 
29/48: High Five: Spend a total of five minutes airborne. 
30/48: Great Explorer: Trigger a total of 50 route changer Power Plays. 
31/48: Going The Distance: Drive a total of 1,081 miles. 
32/48: The Time Is Right: Win your first Season Detonator event. 
33/48: Beat The Team: Beat 1 minute 7 seconds on Construction Site in 
34/48: Beat The Team II: The Revenge: Beat 1 minute 18 seconds on Power
       Plant in Detonator. 
36/48: Convoy (Secret): Overtake 12 trucks in row without crashing in 
       a Survival event. 
37/48: Fearless (Secret): Overtake 5 trucks in a row during Sudden Death
       in a Survival event. 
35/48: Keep On Truckin': Win your first Season Survival event. 
38/48: On The Run: Win your first Season Air Strike event. 
39/48: Clear Skies: Win your first Season Air Revenge event. 
40/48: Once, twice, three times evasive (Secret): Get three Perfect
       Waves in a row in either an Air Strike or Air Revenge event. 
41/48: Start Me Up: Win an online event. 
42/48: In Good Form: Get an online form of 75 or better. 
43/48: Out Of Reach: Get an online form of 25 or better 
44/48: World Beater: Get an online form of 1. 
45/48: Giant Killer: Beat an opponent with an online form of 10 or better. 
46/48: Team BlackRock: Beat a member of the development team or someone 
       who has beaten them.
47/48: Have We Met Before?: Awarded to players that have played PURE. 
48/48: Completionist: Awarded to players who have unlocked every Decal.

Car Codes:
Unlock the following cars by entering the corresponding sequences of buttons at "Main Menu" 
then "Options". The unlocked car will become available in the garage in Quick Play mode: 

Car                    Code
AMX Coyote           - X, LEFT, X, LEFT, X, LEFT.
Computer Spiele car  - X, UP, X, UP, X, UP.
Disney XD car        - X, DOWN, X, DOWN, X, DOWN.

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