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  Hints and Tips for: Sports Car GT 
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 Sports Car GT Cheats

Sports Car GT
Cheat Codes:
Update by: Dj Simo
Submitted by: Raul Parts

Enter "isi-cheeseman" at the game menu to enable cheat mode.
Then, enter one of the following codes at the game menu.

Code            Result
isi-delicate  - Kittycat mode
isi-tbone     - all tracks and cars
isi-corsica   - all car parts
isi-aardvark  - 5.000.000$
isi-plague    - GT3league

* Perfect shifting is essential for a good run, and because an 
  automatic tranny just won't cut it, you should learn to monitor
  redline in all gears and shift right there. 

* There's a good reason some cars cost more than others. In the
  GT3 class, for instance, an unmodified Porsche 911 will wax an
  unmodified Saleen Mustang. Therefore, if you can squeak by in one
  series without blowing all your dough on a full load of equipment,
  do it, and save your money for a better car in the next series. 
* When purchasing new components, it pays to upgrade slightly in as
  many categories as possible, rather than going real heavy in just
  one or two. For example, it's better to sport midrange tires, 
  midrange brakes, and a midrange turbo charger than to go with an
  expensive high-end turbo and marginal handling. 

* Learn the course in advance! Then practice until you know exactly
  where each turn begins, what its length and radius is, and where it
  ends. And make use of all that track width enter corners from the
  outside, cut in close to the apex, and swing out wide again for 
  maximum speed. Remember, inconsistency coupled with the odd flash
  of brilliance will get you nowhere fast.

Play music during your Sports Car GT races:
Step 1:Insert the Sports Car GT Disc.
Step 2:Launch Sports Car GT.
Step 3:Get a race going and pause it.
Step 4:Eject the Sports Car GT Disc and put in the music CD.
Step 5:Unpause the race and press M. It will say either Music On or
       off, you want it on.
Step 6:Press...i think it's 7 on the numberpad.
Step 7:Enjoy your music.

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