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  Hints and Tips for: StarLancer 
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 StarLancer Cheats


* When dodging an attacker, use the side-strafe controls as you're turning;
  this slipping motion will make you harder to hit. 

* Stick close to asteroids when missiles are being launched at you; a missile
  that misses its first pass will hit the asteroid and detonate rather than 
  circling around to reacquire you. 

* Keep an eye on the energy level for your guns; some ships don't have the
  energy to support full guns for very long, so either take some of the guns
  offline or increase energy to your guns. 

Skip to Any Level, fly Any Ship:
On the StarLancer startup screen, press and hold down the [CTRL] key as you 
type "potato". 

When the red mission indicator appears in the upper left corner of the 
screen ("M1" indicates that Mission 1 is selected), type the number for
the mission that you want to play. The mission indicator is updated 
automatically when you type a new mission number. 

NOTE: There are 24 missions in StarLancer. To select Missions 1 through 9,
type the mission number with a leading zero. For example, to select Mission 7,
type 07. 

After you select the mission that you want to play, select the ship that 
you want to fly during the mission. To do this, use one of the following 

To select only ships that are normally available for the mission that you
selected, press CRTL+ENTER to move directly to the Briefing Room, and then
select your ship. To select any ship in the game, press and hold down the 
[SHIFT] key as you press the appropriate function key for the ship that 
you want to fly during the mission. 
NOTE: The mission begins after you select your ship. 

The following table lists the function keys for each of the ships in the

Function Key Ship: 
F1   Predator 
F2   Naginata 
F3   Grendel 
F4   Crusader 
F5   Coyote 
F6   Mirage IV 
F7   Tempest 
F8   Patriot 
F9   Wolverine 
F10  Reaper 
F11  Shroud 
F12  Phoenix 

Hex Cheat:
Launch the game and save a game with the title "cheat" without the quotes. 
Open the approriate save game file and hex edit as follows. 

Offset 46 should be set to 08 : This allows you access to all ships. 

Offset 4A should be set to 03 : This allows you access to all weapons.

Level Select:
Go to the main menu and hold the CTRL key down and type in "potatoe". "M1" 
will appear in the upper-left corner of the screen -- standing for Mission 1.
Use the numbers on your keyboard to change it to M2, M3, M4, etc... After 
you've selected whichever mission you want, hold down Ctrl and Enter, 
simultaneously. Keep holding down Ctrl & Enter until the ship-selection
screen shows up.

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