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 Starscape Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Blue Node:
The blue node is dangeruse! If You have a Drill and canon ( x position )
You can mine there! You must have medium - high or high atack.

The blue node has unlimited ress... You can stay there becouse enemy 
robots wont folow you there...

When you go to attack a captial ship, and it's about to die use gravity 
beam quickly before the mineral spread over.

When you attack the enemies, make sure you attack its weak spot. 
The enemies will Flash White if it gets the damage.

Becareful not to shot the mineral that are floating in space.
The Homing Missile will not follow the rock.

The Enemies Mining Ship can teleport to other place, so if you want to 
kill it, do it quickly.

Equipment Size:
Engines 1(1x2)2(2x2)3(2x2)4(1x2)
Generators 1(1x2)2(2x2)3(2x2)4(1x2)
Battery 1(1x1)2(1x2)3(2x2)4(1x2)
Blaster 1(1x1)2(1x1)3(2x1)4(2x1)
Rocket(1x1)Heat Seeker(2x1)Plasma Torpedo(2x1)
Gravity Beam 1(1x2)2(1x1)3(1x1)
Missile Bay and Cargo Bay (1x1)

Spin around the enemy in a circle while shooting, they hardly ever hit you 
if you do that!

Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.

Unlockable                      How to Unlock
Completion (easy)             - Game completed on easy difficulty
Completion (hard)             - Game completed on hard difficulty
Completion (normal)           - Game completed on normal difficulty
Crew rescue (level2)          - For rescuing 10 missing crew members
Crew rescue (level3)          - For rescuing 15 missing crew members
Crew rescue (level4)          - For rescuing 20 missing crew members
Crew rescue (level5)          - For rescuing 25 missing crew members
Crew Rescue Medal (level1)    - For rescuing 5 missing crew members
Grid exploration (level1)     - Zone 1 complete
Grid exploration (level2)     - Zone 2 complete
Grid exploration (level3)     - Zone 3 complete
Grid exploration (level4)     - Zone 4 complete
Grid exploration (level5)     - Zone 5 complete
Scientific discovery (level1) - Defensive shields
Scientific discovery (level2) - Drone weapons
Scientific discovery (level3) - Ion weapons
Scientific discovery (level4) - Nova bomb
Scientific discovery (level5) - Particle lasers.

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