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 Starship Eleven Deluxe Cheats

Starship Eleven Deluxe

Cheat Codes:
Update by: JAMMIN
Submitted by: RM

Level Leisure Shuttle  Space Racer  
 1   levelone        advancedship 
 2   memorize!       learncontrol 
 3   bluesky         norway 
 4   starcaptain     downhill 
 5   caveman         deepdown 
 7   deephill        newways 
 9   starfire        farup 
12   stompers        heavymetal 
13   factory         cylinders 
17   themine         uranium 
20   backup          rocketjump 
25   nuclear         easyopponent 
29   sandybeach      thedessert 
32   orangedream     tangerines 
34   asteroids       flyingrocks 
40   bigmouth        military 
43   ariane          conquerer 
46   rocketscience   notimpossible 
50   egypt           arrowshots 
53   cleopatra       gettingtough 
57   ankh            goldenprince 
63   goldface        milkandhoney 
64   psycho          wildwildwild 
67   eyeball         dontstare 
70   tongueplant     surrealism 
74   nightnday       mediatoday 
78   oldmeetsnew     blackandwhite 
82   spaceinvaders   classicarcade 
84   superbrothers   doninten 
89   mammamia        luigi 
92   geometry        russia 
94   heavytraffic    speedway 
100   nowdifficult   dontgiveup 
102   dragonballs    firecircus 
103   firetunnel     dontgetburnt 
104   butchery       sharpknives 
105   treasureroom   thievery 
106   jugglers       dontmixup 
107   fuelshortage   outoffuel 
108   arena          greendragons 
109   fireworks      beatthem 
110   dragonheart    stronghold 
111   thehunt        bethehunter 
112   deathchamber   hardenough 
114   rotation       paranoia 
105   bamboosticks   paternoster 
116   spikemaze      cruising 
117   breakdance     breaktest 
118   wisdoms        zen 
119   insects        moscitoalarm 
120   masterspeech   finalwords

LEVEL 212: beatmaster

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