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  Hints and Tips for: Starship Titanic 
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 Starship Titanic Cheats

Starship Titanic

Hints and Tips:
Submitted by: David K 

First class upgrade:
Go to the well and enter the door that cannot be accessed in third class. There
should be a group of glass sculptures here. Walk around them until you find a 
switch. The glass will break. The Desk Bot will now be in a good mood and will
give you an upgrade. 

Second Class upgrade:
Go find your room, then open up the bed ,desk, drawer, the "toilet drawer",
but not the toilet and T.V. Click on your bed again and turn the channels 
until a screen appears with Marsinta's (desbot's) voice. After that, go to
the sucking guy outside of your room. He will say that he has something for
you and give you a magazine. Go directly to the deskbot and give her the 
magazine. You should now get upgraded to Second Class.

Musical puzzle:
Pay special attention (or don't, if you hate spoilers) to the back of the 
box, as it basically gives away to the solution to the music room puzzle and
strongly hints at the solution to another.

Give the parrot his pistachios:
Go to the parrot room and feed the parrot to the suc-u-bus. Then, go to your
2nd class room, use the personal suc-u-bus located by the door, and press 
"Receive". Take tube and open it. If done correctly the parrot will eat all
the pistachios and give you a piece of Titania.

Get Titanias eye:
Go to the elevator and ask to go to the bottom of the well. Go down there and
look around the floor in the middle of the area and find an elevator bot's 
head. Go up to the top of the well and find the elevator bot with no head. Put
the head on the bot and it will be replaced with Titania's head.

Using the sculptures:
Each sculpture corresponds to a different robot. The parrot can give you hints
on which is which. When you approach a sculpture, the PET will move to the robot
talk panel and the dials will become visible. To make a robot more helpful, just
adjust it. The DeskBot, BellBot, DoorBot, and LiftBot all have two controls 
(Disposition and Cellpoint), whereas the BarBot has all three. 
The Maitre'D bot has no settings.

Reading the journal:
To read the journal in the basement type "this, that, other". When you do this, 
type in the names "leovinus", "scraliontis", or "brobostigon" and read the 
backgrounds to find out more about the ship.

Get the blue chip:
Go to the room with the parrot and grab it. Feed it to the Succ-U-Bus. Go to 
the mother Succ-U-Bus and click on "Receive". She will sneeze out a guy with 
the blue chip to Titania's head. 

Get Titainia's nose:
Go to the arboretum. Get the hose near the Suc-U-Bus. Go to the Parrot room.
Attach the hose to the light near the Suc-U-Bus. Attach the other end to the
Suc-U-Bus. He will blow her nose out of the light.

Titania piece from parrot:
Go to the Parrot room. Feed the parrot to the Suc-U-Bus. Then, go to your Second
Class room. Use the personal Suc-U-Bus located by the door and press "Receive". 
Take tube and open it. If done correctly, the parrot will eat all the pistachios
and give you a piece of Titania. 

Titania's auditory center:
When you get to first class, go to the restaurant and take the maitre'D bot's
arm. Continuously poke him around the butt until he lets you sit at the table
with the man. Take the green thing in the man's hand along with the napkin and
other arm.

Deactivating the bomb:
If you activate the bomb in the basement, just type "nobody likes a smartass"
to deactivate it. If you activated the bomb, you do not have to deactivate it,
but it is very annoying.

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