Star Trek - Birth of the Federation Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Star Trek - Birth of the Federation 
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 Star Trek - Birth of the Federation Cheats

Star Trek - Birth of the Federation

To activate the cheats:
Start the game from a command line with "-Mudd" ("M" is capitalized)
as and additional parameter. (e.g C:\BOTF\Trek.exe -Mudd)

Then you may use the following codes:
Code Result: 
F9  - Adds 100% to Overall Research 
F10 - Gives 10,000 Credits 
F11 - Reveal Map on/off 

Easy Money 
If you are tired of running out of money, play as the Ferengi and set
up trade routes with every race you come in contact with. 

To view in-game event screens:
Start the game from a command line with the following additional 

-bones = View slides that appear when you form an alliance.
-gorn = View slides that appear when you lose the game.
-kirk = View slides that appear when you destroy a planet.
-picard = View slides that appear when you dominate the galaxy.


Tip 1: 
* As the pod racers say (oops, wrong universe), "Run what ya brung." 
  In other words, never jam a square peg into a round hole: Don't try
  to turn the Klingons into diplomats or make the Ferengi warriors. 
* Expand first, fight later. Don't dump a lot of credits into your 
  navy until you have contacted at least two races. Build your 
  infrastructure first. 
* Dilithium is a key material. Fight hard for any system that contains 
* Shipyards extend your reach. A vessel's range is calculated from the 
  nearest shipyard. So build shipyards on the outlying planets in order
  to explore/conquer further.

Strong empire:
To have an almost invincible empire, take any side and set its level 
to 5, then set everything else to 1. You now have more worlds, moneym 
and better units than everybody else.

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