Star Trek - Klingon Academy Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Star Trek - Klingon Academy 
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 Star Trek - Klingon Academy Cheats

Star Trek - Klingon Academy

Cheat Codes:
Put it in during a mission

Code            Effect
mercury      - Kills the Romulan near Raven.
$punish      - Powered-up Photon Torpedoes.

Fire while being cloaked:
For being able to fire while being cloaked you need to activate 
cloaking and then turn on the red alarm before the ship has disappeared.

Never, ever lead your escorts within close range of celestial bodies, 
or they'll inevitably get an attack of the stupids and crash into them.
Fortunately, your enemies aren't much brighter. Remember this and you 
will guide your fair share of Federation ships to their doom. 

The program lets you kick back and enjoy all the cut scenes back-to-back,
regardless of how far you've progressed in the game. Do so from time to 
time and you'll pick up clues and strategies that'll help you through 
specific situations. 

Many new players seem to have trouble destroying planetary targets. To
start with, you'll want to target the entire planet and then choose the
Subsystem option from the menu. You'll then have access to a list of all
the installations on that planet. Make your selection and visually inspect
the surface of the planet for the corresponding targeting box. At this 
point, it's important to remember that Academy planets are rendered in 3D,
and that the targeting box can be seen through the planet. It very well 
might signify a target that exists on the other side of the planet, meaning
you may have to orbit at least a portion of it before you're in range. 
Once over the target, get within 15 kilometers and begin blasting it with
your primary weapons. Monitor the Health indicator of that target on your
HUD, and you should see it drop by 10 percent with each successful volley. 

To use the mysterious sensor package in Mission 5, approach 
the target vessel very slowly (remember, cloaking is more 
effective at slow speed) until you're within 5,000 kilometers. 
It should then activate automatically without any additional 
input from you. 

Mission 12 is a real doozy. The best tactic is to target the 
correct vessel (it will be the first vessel you can target), 
then circumnavigate it slowly from a safe, undetectable distance 
until you've positioned yourself directly on top of it. Then 
move directly toward it, maintaining that top-down approach 
all the way. You'll undoubtedly have several goes at it until 
you get it right, but sooner or later you'll be successful. 
The firefight that follows is another story, involving quick 
action and fancy maneuvering.

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