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  Hints and Tips for: Stay Out 
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 Stay Out Cheats

Stay Out

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Lubech Station Fast Walkthrough (Tutorial Map):
Written by DarkRagnar

This guide covers the tutorial and how to get through it quickly in about 
25 minutes or so.

-=Tutorial Walkthrough=-
This is going to be the first in a series of guides meant for new players to get 
accustomed to the game without the slog of the misguided and unskippable tutorial. 
I am skipping the warehouse section of the tutorial. It is self explanatory.

If you have a friend, you have to invite them into your party after you get 
through the warehouse section. This map is heavily instanced so there aren’t too 
many people in the same area. Being in the same party solves this.

-=Main path after the warehouse map=-
* Collect the loot box with gear (equip knife and revolver. 
  Right click and read note.)
* Vladimir Ilyich B5-1 South East Corner (Just past the water well. 
  Look for chimney smoke)
* Ask for free bullets
* Start the stash quest “Station: eventual stash in ____” 
  (Unlocks trade for bullets and further quests)
* Start the quest “In the wake of Charon: The hut on the outskirts”
* Collect the stash for the quest. 5 possible locations. Most of them are by a road 
  next to a bush (conserve your ammunition!)
* Collect wood for campfires to cook meat, and pick any plant you see. You can trade 
  them to Vladimir for bullets after this quest is complete. 
  (Save 3 calamus root that grows in the swamps for a later quest)
* Station A7-4 (There is a water pump by the guard NPC)
* Talk to the Watchman NPC sitting on a bench and get the quest 
  (The Watchman’s Request: Copper Wire)
* Talk to the Huckster leaning on a wall behind the building and get the artifact/MGD 
  quest “In Lubech: Baryge service”
* The third and final notable NPC is the stranded passenger sitting down on the 
  east side of the building. Talk to him 4 times and he give you a free medkit!
* Leave the station and head north to A6-4 and pick up the copper wire from one 
  of the trash piles around the transformer. If you are having trouble finding it 
  follow the power lines.
* Take an anti-radiation pill if needed.
* Head over to the north east corner of ?6-1 and use your MGD to grab the artifact 
  in the anomaly at the tunnel mouth. 
  (use both hands numpad and arrow keys for the minigame!)
* Drag the salt batteries to the MGD and drag it to your hotbar.
* Use the hotkey once to equip the device. (Using it again will activate it)
* Turn it off when you don’t need it. Batteries run out fast and are expensive.
* If you are close to an anomaly with an artifact inside, there will be a dot in 
  the top part of the display. You need to get that just just inside the inner square.
  Any closer and you will start taking damage from the anomaly and die.
* Then hit tab to unlock your cursor and you will be able to click on the dot when 
  it is just inside the inner square.
* The minigame will start at the bottom. Enter the keypresses as they appear and 
  you will have your very first artifact!
* Go west, and follow the road to E5-3. There is an NPC called San Sanych there 
  next to his broken down truck. 
  (There are boars in the forest to the north of the road)
* Start the quests: “Way to Lubech: repair and ride”, and “San Sanych: engine oil 
* Head back to the station and turn in the Copper wire quest at the Watchman and 
  the artifact quest at the Huckster.
* Pick up the next quest in the chain: Lubech: Recipe for the watchman 
  (This is the start of the quest line to leave)
* Go to ?5-1in the swamp and talk to the NPC inside the house. Exhaust all his 
  dialogue. This will update your quest “In the wake of Charon: hut on the outskirts”
* Now we go meet Vladimir “Flowers” Ilyich and turn in “In the wake of Charon: hut 
  on the outskirts” quest.
* Ask about the tincture for the Watchman to start the quest
* Vladimir will ask you to kill some of the local dogs and collect their ears. You 
  have to butcher and loot them. They will appear in your inventory as red lettered 
  quest items. (You can’t drop quest items when you die) The closest dogs spawn in 
  B5-4, B6-2 and ?6-1
* Now we use the three calamus root we have been holding onto. Go back to the swamp 
  house and put the calamus in the watering can on northern fence by the doghouse.
* Now proceed to the south south-west to the bottom right corner of ?5-4 and look 
  for the large tree there. There will be a special calamus root for the quest that 
  will be highlighted by the base of the tree. Make sure your quest updates in your 
* Go back to Vladamir to complete the quest.
* Take the now completed the “tincture,” head back to the huckster at the station to 
  get permission to leave.
* The tincture just happens to be called “absolute alcohol” I like to think its 
  vodka :) It probably is.
* Once you have talked to the huckster you will get the quest “In Lubech: permission 
  for Kochegarov”
* Head south on the railroad tracks to ?8-4 and the npc will take you to Lubech City 
  and out of the god awful tutorial!
* The next map, Lubech city, was the old tutorial map. There is lots of stuff to do. 
  The map is larger and more dangerous. You can leave this map at any time if you wish
  to do so. This will lead to an even larger map, Lubech Outskirts, it is even more 
  dangerous. This is going to be a trend. Wait until you see Vesuvius! HAHAHA. 
  (Please don’t rage quit at Vesuvius)
* There are 3 main quest hubs/towns there.

Thanks for reading and I really hope to see you at Lubech city! This game is a lot 
of fun and there really isn’t anything like it. Find a friend or two and work together.
Having an extra gun at the beginning helps!
Get out of here Stalker!

Chat Commands:
Written by FAQGAME

-=System Commands=-
/help - current help for console commands
/iwannadie - lose consciousness and call for help (possible loss of things)
/log - show the current time, client version and character location 
 (server, location, coordinates)
/ping - show ping
/resetGUIpos - resets saved window positions
/smsReset - reset confirmation code
/trade - on / off incoming exchange offers
/time - current time
/isPremium - show premium performance (True - on; None - off)

-=Grouping Management=-
/clandestroy - (owner only) dissolve the grouping
/claninvite [name] - invite to group
/clanid - show group ID
/clankick [name] - exclude from grouping
/clanleave - leave group
/clanwar [group_name] - declare war
/basewar - declare war on a group that controls the current territory in which 
 the character is currently located
/clanwarlist - list of groups for which war is declared
/clanpeace [group_name] - suggest the world

-=Squad Management=-
To create a group you need to invite any stalker:
/groupdestroy - (owner only) disband
/groupleader [name] - (owner only) transfer leadership to the squad
/groupkick [name] - (owner only) expel from unit
/invite [name] - (owner only) invite to the squad
/inviter [name] - recommend to the leader to invite to the squad
/grouplist - list of members of your squad
/groupleave - leave the squad

-=Text Messages=-
@ [name] [text] - send a private message to the stalker [name]
/ignore [name] - add the stalker [name] to the black list. 
 View the list of ignored stalkers: press F11.
/add_friend [name] - add stalker [name] to your friends list. 
 View friends list: press F11.
/unignore [name] - remove the stalker [name] from the black list
/chatabuse [on, off] - enable or disable message censorship

-=Other Teams=-
/ichangedmymind - reset character skills for redistribution 
 (available once every 24 hours of real time)
/firstperson - on / off first-person view
/reputation - reputation among factions

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