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  Hints and Tips for: Stick Arena Ballistick 
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 Stick Arena Ballistick Cheats

Stick Arena Ballistick

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: ghdo

The game feature's the six original weapons: 
the Glock, AK-47, shotgun, sword, baseball bat, and sledgehammer,
the game has six new weapons that are available only through a 
lab pass. These include the rail gun, flame thrower, Gatling gun,
chain saw, tesla helmet, and laser sword.

Fist          - 12 hits to kill
Glock         - 5 Hits to kill
Ak-47         - 6 hits to kill
Shotgun       - 3 Hits to kill
Sword         - 8 Hits to kill
Baseball bat  - 4 Hits to kill
Sledge Hammer - 1 Hit to kill
Railgun       - 2 hits to kill
Flamethrower  - 6 hits to kill
Mini Gun      - 8 hits to kill
Chainsaw      - 3 Hits to kill
Tesla Helmet  - 10 hits to kill
Laser Sword   - 6 Hits to kill

Floor Thirteen Glock Cheat:
Submitted by: Ballistick Proz Dude

In floor thirteen go to the glock room and grab the glock...then stand at the
back wall of that glock room and when someone comes up the hallway shoot them 
and sometimes they might not even see you!

Submitted by: darkassassin

If your lvl 10 and make a room the place has to be xgen hq and get the sledge 
protect urself in the place where you get the sledge get the sledge protect 
yourself from gunners and baseball bats and swords and kill them quick and 
you have to be level 30.

Hammer trick:
Submitted by: kean

ok go to xgen hq place when peole get the hammer hide out side the hammer with a 
aka or shot gun or pisto but aka is better so when people go to hammer kill kill 
kill! and do u want to know how to do wall glich go to floor 13 go to the squer 
then go around it then it will suck i in u can do this glich in other places to!
Do u want to know how to get a kill rador if u guys have Esc press the botton 
bellow it ok im done!

Rocket Launcher:
Submitted by: ladycatcher

At the chat room, hold "Ctrl" and press "W".The next game you start, you will have 
a rocket launcher.

Wall glitch/free hack:
Submitted by: zagruda

Go to the h q map that isn't xgen h q or the one with the sledge hammer in the midde
(forgot the name). Anyway after you have done this go to the top right room with no 
weapon in, then keep running around the room perimiter in a square or a triangle and 
after about 10 times running keep doing it and it will push you through the wall. Get
a gun and use to your advantage.hope it works.

Wall Glitch:
Submitted by: Carey Branam

Here is how to do the wall glitch. Go to floor thirteen (you may get disconnected for
doing this glitch). And go to the room where the shining windows are and go in a full 
square a few times. It will take some time but you will get it.Don't worry!

Wall glitch (actually works):
Submitted by: wiredbrandon1997

To do this, you need to go to floor thirteen find the room across the one the glock is in 
(u can spawn here) and go in a little square a couple times and then press down, u will 
get sucked in, keep holding down to go in the wall!!!!

Behind the table wall:
Submitted by: jens

When sombody follows in floor thirteen go quickly to the room whith white tiles and blue 
stripes go behind any table quickly but first get the gun in the room fastly go behind one 
of the tables go in front of the wall quickly behind you then move down as far as you can 
go slowly press v while movin move abit right when you can see the enemy in the middle of 
the room (he can bearly see you) kill him with your gun 3 times.

The Foundation glitch:
Submitted by: Wildirishman

Easy, most if you already know it, but I'm telling it anyways. Go in triangles at the top 
trailer. Start one tile west from the box, then go diagnol above to the top corner, then 
go down. Repeat til you start going through the wall. P.S. Best with sword or sledge hammer.

Wall glitch:
Submitted by: NNHK

First you go to the level the foundation.then grab a weapon(sledge hammer works best)go to
the trailer at the top of the level.go in the corner of the trailer next to the signs. hold
the down button. If you do it right you should slowly be moving over the wall.
(It takes practice).

Submitted by: Anonymous

The other cheats above or below will not help you. This is a wall glitch (and i swear it 
works): go to any corner and go up and down until you go into the wall. the controls will
then be backwards, although i think it wil exit the program. here are tips for each stage:
xgenstudios: most people no this one: get a hamer and simply wait for people to come to u.
Floor 13: once again, get a hamer and go into a small room and wait for people to come. by
the way, if you get bored waiting, just kill regularly. Concrete jungle: get a hamer and 
wait in one of the corners in the room where the hammer respawns. concrete jungle is a 
great place for hamers because you can kil people if they're stupid enough to go right under
the border of the room where the hammer respawns and if u get a teammate, u can both wait 
in either one of the corners. places without any guns: simply either get a hamer and kil 
kil kil, or get a sword or a bat, and pretend ur going to go forward and then go back. If 
it works great. if it doesn't try again. if it works after they swing the hamer, itll be 
about 3 seconds until they can attack again, so u can do some serious damage. i cant help u
with everything, but the other maps are based pretty much on strategy and skil and technique.
These hints are mainly for beginners. i wil submit some more hints or glitches wen i find 
some more hints or glitches,etc.

Why you should get the AK 47:
If you play against people on a course, you might find an AK-47. You should use it because it 
fires rapily at other people non-stop! It is the ultimate weapon (unless you have a lab pass).
So you should use the AK-47!

Easy ranks:
Create a private game and make a name that people won't find, then start it alone. Just stay 
there for 5 minutes until the game is over. You will be in first place all the time and you 
will rank up easily.

Submitted by: alistair

This is a reload cheat right while your shooting hold down the shooting button then drag your
mouse out of the gaming screen then stop shooting but make sure your mouse is still out of 
the gaming screen then drag your mouse back in into the gaming screen but make sure that you
stopped, holding down the shooting button. Reload cheat! have fun!

Unlimited points:
Submitted by: Sean

Go to brawwlers burrow, and make a privitve game nobody will find, but one youll remember. 
Then go to history and find the stick arena link and open it. create another account, go in 
the private game and get points. You cannot open another stick arena browser unless you go 
to history.

Wall crawler:
Submitted by: zack

When you are in a small place huddle in the walls and walk and walk until you push through
the walls or when you are in between a wall a wheel barrow and a peice of wood go in a 
triangle formation and go through the wall.

Lab passes:
The lab pass is cool to have i agree,but it cost money. I just get a vip. a vip is just like
a lab pass but cant do as much stuff. for example you can have all the same weapons as the 
lab pass gives you but only if the creator of the map puts them in the game. if you what a 
vip i think you can get a vip from 2-d central much more easier.

Learn where your enemy is:
Submitted by: Gerty Wow

Tired of being shot by your enemy randomly? Well, I found a cheat, not hack, cheat! See on 
the keyboard, the left corner, where there is a thing beside the number 1, it looks like ` 
and ~ . Click it, it will show how close you are to an item, then press it again. Now it shows
the players' name and how close he/she is to you. I hope this helped!

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