Stone Age Sam 2 - The Ice Age Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Stone Age Sam 2 - The Ice Age 
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 Stone Age Sam 2 - The Ice Age Cheats

Stone Age Sam 2 - The Ice Age

Flash Game Hints:
Submitted by: kil u first

* Press on the tree then animals come by click on top of the tree
  there a bear comes and passes then get off the tree and press 
  on the flowers the rope is swingig click on the top of the tree
  click on the kid and go to the familiy press on the edge of the
  mountain then u see a vine press on it and go back click on the
  rock and u get it then pick up the stick and press on the tree 
  and it wil fall there u clear the level.

Click on family, man will go back to them.then click just below 
them, its a hotspot...the family will go down.then click on other
hotspots (where thers no snow) to make them go forward.

When you and the beast are standing on different points, aim at the
beast's leg (after picking up the green apple), you should now see 
a hot spot and can throw the apple at him. He will get dizzy, but 
will start following you again. at this time, all you need to do is
click on the tree (which would have not been a hotspot before). 
Once you climb the tree, just click near the branches, and you should
swing and fall on the beast, hence ending the game.

Hints 1 level:
* Come forward, where the tiger is coming and another animal is also
  coming. At that time go upward. Now you are escaped.
* Then go straight, you will see a branch hanging and use the branch
  to go to the other side.
* Take the baby and go upwards. In the down area, there is a flint. 
  For that, tie the child with vines to get the flint.
* Get the stick also. Join the flint with stick.Now axe is ready.
* Use the axe to cut the tree. Then walk, You have completed the 1st 
  level of stoneage sam2 the ice age.

Hints 2 Level:
* You have entered the ice area. You hear some sound i.e blasting. In
  the blasting area, there is a big hole. Get the skull.
* You and your babies enter the hole.There is a dark inside.
* Pick up the flint. Get the fire.
* Also get the sharp stone. With the help of stone, cut the animal 
  skin. From animal skin, you and your family get the coat.
* Go straight, you find lot of enemies and you need to kill them.
* Again go straight, collect the stone. Now when the enemies are 
  coming towards you throw the stone upwards and block the enemy. 
  Again when enemy is coming and you need to piss.
* Collect the pouch. Now you and your family entered to the third 

Hints 3 level:
* In the level 3, click on the wooden piece and get the bone.
* Click on the ice in front of your Family.
* Click on brigde and let first your family go through, and follow
  the way too.
* Pick up skull, hide and ribb, make a sled, click on ice.
* Again, yeti appears, now take the wood. on which you have to take
  fast board and click where your family went down.

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