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  Hints and Tips for: Street Legal 
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 Street Legal Cheats

Street Legal

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: vladi

In game type one of the cheats and press the tuning bottom.

Code            Effect
begformoney   - money
iamcoolguy    - give 3000 prestige
dragstar      - this is a car

by d1v4o 

Submitted by: RM

Getting into a race:
Drive up to a pedestrian and press [Horn] to honk your horn. A menu screen will
appear and give you choices of finding a shop, a race, and just forgetting about
talking. Choose to find a race and a car will appear on the map. Go to that area.
When you get near to the car, honk the horn. The driver will say "You honk your 
horn at me punk?". Press [Enter] and go to the bottom right hand corner. Set what
you want to race for (prestige or money).

Selecting where you want to race to:
To select where you want to race to, you have to have more prestige than your 
opponent. You will then be able to click anywhere desired on the map and win 
money easily.

Easy money:
Open the game folder and find the save folder that you want to get more money for.
Open it and copy any PlayerCar[number] file desired and rename it to a number you 
do not have. If you have a file such as PlayerCar[number].[number] (for example, 
PlayerCar1.2) and it belongs to the car you want to copy (for example, PlayerCar3.4 
belongs to PlayerCar3), change is the number before the decimal point.
Then, start your game, load your save file, and go to the car lot. You will find 
your copied car there. Choose it and sell it. 
Repeat this process for as much money as needed.

Alternately, copy the "PlayerCar1" file and rename it to "PlayerCar2". If you need
more money, you can keep going up in the car numbers such at "PlayerCar3", "PlayerCar4",
etc. Keep increasing the numbers, but make sure to keep the same name as "PlayerCar".

Easy money:
Sometimes when you race a car, it does not move. If so, race it again repeatedly 
to get plenty of money.

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