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  Hints and Tips for: Street Rod 1 
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 Street Rod 1 Cheats

Street Rod 1

Lot of money:
Submitted by by: Dj Simo

Load your savefile to HexEdit and offset 16 17 18 19 and 
change to FF FF FF 3A.

When you first start the game, put in your name.  
Then go to the newspaper, and get a CHEVY 2 door STYLINE.  
It must be that car.  
Next, go to the garage and take everything off the car: 
Strip bumpers, chop roof, take out whole engine, etc. 
(Don't worry about the tires.  You can't take them off anyway. 
Once you've done this, sell the car for however much money you want.  
(Note>  You can't get over about 200,000 for it. 

Unlimited money:
Buy the $475 1949 Chevrolet found in the front of the used car section
of the newspaper. Remove its engine and transmission, then sell the car
to receive $30,000. This procedure may be repeated as needed. 
Note: For the International version of the game, buy the second Skylane. 

Free paint:
Once you find a car that you like, click "See It" first. If it is not 
the desired color, click "Forget It" then try to buy the car again. 
Continue this process until the desired color is on the car then buy it.

Unlimited money:
Buy the $475 1946 Chevrolet and remove all the parts. 
The tires can remain. Sell the car for $95,999.

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