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  Hints and Tips for: Streets of SimCity 
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 Streets of SimCity Cheats

Streets of SimCity

Cheat Codes:
Press [Ctrl][Alt]+X to display the cheat code prompt and enter t
hese case-sensitive codes:

Code                 Result
lock and load      - Full ammo
sampo              - $999,999
im back            - Repair damage
mr fabulous        - Invincibility
jupiter            - Jupiter gravity
earth              - Earth gravity
mars               - Mars gravity
moon               - Moon gravity
cruise control     - Enable cruise control
cow frags          - Display cow frags in Scenario Progress window (F3).
beefcake beefcake  - All weapons and mods

Note: These codes only work in Player's Choice. They are disabled during
Scenario and  Network play.

Extra money:
Do not buy armor on a level. Go out and get a armor add, go to a gas station
and you will have level 1 armor. Sell it and repeat as needed.

Floating road:
Use SCURK to make a causeway across a small lake. Then, bulldoze the ramps 
and fill their former positions with water. Now, you have a floating road 
over a lake. 

Invincible Scenerio: 
Here's a way to have invincibility during scenerios: 

1.Go into Player's Choice and do the 'mr fabulous' code in any city.
2.Leave Player's Choice and go into scenerios.
3.If successful, you will be invincible until you exit the game.

Fly High in the air:
The Hopper and Airfoil are required for this trick. Activate the Airfoil, 
then immediately activate the Hopper. Hold down the Hopper button until you
are high enough in the air. 

Car recommendations:
Use the following cars have the corresponding attributes.

The compact (Volkswagen): Its cheap, but does not have speed or weapons. 
The racer: Quickest car on the lot. Not too good for weapons count. 
           Only 3 packages allowed. A must for all races. 
The truck: Slow tank. Best for arena wars and death matches. 
           Also carries up to 21 packages. 
The sedan: Speedy and bristling with weapons. 
The sports car: Faster than the sedan, but with less weapons.

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