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  Hints and Tips for: Stunts 
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 Stunts Cheats


Submitted by: Pitam

'Push' your opponent to the startpost and he will crash. You should
stay for your motion was slow. Then take an "U"-turn and go a little
back through THE TERRAIN. It will no work if you go through the road.
Then again take an "U"-turn and go back on the road. It will show 
penalty time but as you drive through the finish line you will win 
as there is no opponent left in the race.

Beat Skid Vicious: 
To beat Skid Vicious, give him a jeep and choose a track with a jump. 
Skid will crash and burn. 

Edit Terrain: 
To edit the terrain, go to the track editor and then press [Shift] + [F1].
This will give the option of changing the terrain by being able to add 
and edit water, hills, and elevations.

More fun in created tracks:
For more fun in creating tracks for stunts, just make a little track
in the form of an oval. This will make the track legal. For the rest
of the map, just do whatever desired.
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