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  Hints and Tips for: Super Mario 64 
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 Super Mario 64 Cheats

Super Mario 64

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Another place for a second hat:
In the sandy world go to any star past number 1 and get your hat stolen by the big
bird that was carring the star (you can usualy find him near the pink bomb-bomb's 
pillar) then go punch or kick or just jump on the bird WITHOUT getting the hat next
go to the palm tree near the pink bomb-bomb and warp the more times you warp the 
more hats there are. eventualy after about 50 hats are on the screen the game will
freeze. if you grab your hat when there are 2 or three there you get to wield your
hat as a weapon. I think its kinda funny beating up those two hands with your cap 
he he.

A Bob-omb Magic Trick:
Go to Shifting Land Land and do the "Another place for a second hat" trick. Now go 
back to the start and pick up a Bob-omb. He'll magically disappear, and you are 
holding your hat! The smoke sounds wil still be there, but Mario will be holding 
his red cap like a Bob-omb. Don't press B and wait. Woah! The ticking sound stopped,
and no explosion happened. Where did the bomb go? Now, go to one of those tornados 
in the quick sand and keep on going into it until---the Bob-omb comes out of you 
and explodes! Cogratulations! Mario has done his first magic trick!

How to get a second hat for Mario:
Go to snowman's land, the one with the big snowman. Climb up the moutain and let the 
snowman blow your hat off. Then go to the two warping trees next to the frozen pond. 
Go through them and the cap will have another hat on top of it. Once you get your hat,
there will be another one on the ground. Go get that one and Mario will have it the 
rest of the level or untill you exit the game. Mario can use his hat as a weapon, it
does double damage to enemies.

Submitted by: Tristen Bailey

lol,got 2 glitches,and 1 cheat up my sleave.glitch 1,dead flying mario-get the 
flying cap behind all the tox boxes,all the way at the end(rofl part).jump in 
the cannon, with flyin cap.shoot urself all the way up,all the way right.keep 
doing it till mario dies and still alive in the cannon.shoot whereever,and press 
A.u now fly dead,but u wont recover when u grab a coin,in sand land. glitch 2,beat 
koopa the quick in 0 seconds.first, go around him,then go get the dang box in the 
corner.but before this, make sure that ur not yoshi(if u fail,ur retarded)if you 
do, u wont fly,ull breath fire for about 10 secs.ok,with mario, fly to a cannon,then 
shoot urself,and fly to the bob-omb summit,latch to the koopa pole,get down. Koopa
will ask to race you.say ok.ull beat him, but hell NEVER appear.ok the cheat is,
do the princesses slide, then look into the light that shines when u beat the slide.
ull do the wing course, but dont worry.its POC(peice of cake).if u like em, meat me
at toontown central,welcome valley,if ya play toontown.PS, i said yoshi in number 
two because it works in the DS edition,because u get,mario yoshi,luigi, and ostaf 
(say it backwards lol)wario.

Submitted by: cody smith 

If u go up the stairs to the right u will find door 1 enter and go to the right window 
and jump thru it. then slide down till you get to fifty coins complete the slide and at
the end there will be a box with a star in it get the star and let it count up your coins
if u have 50 u will gwt an extra life.

Maximum of 120 Stars:
As you can see, you can collect all 6 stars in 12 stages.
But they weren't enough. You must get the secret stars as well.
To get them, here's how you can get them: 

Unlockable                   How
Peach's Secret Slide       - Beat under 0.19.9 seconds.
Extra Stars in each Stages - Collect 100 coins in each stage.
Mips                       - Catch the rabbit with enough stars (You can do this twice).
Toads                      - Talk to one of the toads. Basement and upstairs.
Aquarium                   - Collect all 8 Red Coins.
Bowser's Lairs             - Collect all 8 Red Coins and reach for the end to get it.
Peach's Secret Slide       - Hit the box and you get a star.
Metal Cap Bonus            - Collect all 8 Red Coins by using the power of Metal.
Flight of the Rainbow      - Collect all 8 Red Coins.

Secret 1-up:
In Peach's slide, after you reach the ending, Run around the platform thingy under where 
the star is clockwise, & a 1-up should appear.

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