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  Hints and Tips for: Super Meat Boy 
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 Super Meat Boy Cheats

Super Meat Boy

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Note: You'll need an online connection and an Xbox Live Gold membership for this. After you've 
collected 20 bandages in the main game, a message appears telling you that you've unlocked "The 
Internets." When you go to the chapter selection you can choose it from the far-left. Team Meat 
adds new levels that you can play there and the best part is that it's free!

Unlockables Characters:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character. 

4 Color Meat Boy  - Collect 80 bandages.
4Bit Meat Boy     - Collect 60 bandages. 
8Bit Meat Boy     - Collect 40 bandages. 
Alien Hominid     - Collect 30 bandages. 
Commander Video   - Complete the Warp Zone in World 1. 
Flywrench         - Complete The Fly Guy! Warp Zone in World 4-18. 
Gish              - Collect 10 bandages. 
Jill              - Complete the Warp Zone in World 2.
Meat Ninja        - Have 100% game completion. Note: Leaderboards will be 
                    disabled while playing as this character.
Ninja (N+)        - Collect 100 bandages. 
Ogmo (Jumper)     - Complete The Jump Man! Warp Zone in World 3-16.
Pink Knight       - Collect 90 bandages. 
Spelunky          - Collect 70 bandages.
The Kid           - Complete The Guy! Warp Zone in World 5-7.
Tim (Braid)       - Collect 50 bandages.

Glitch levels:
Defeat the Boss of any chapter. Replay the levels in that chapter to randomly 
encounter a glitched version of Bandage Girl. Reach her to unlock a new Glitch
level in that chapter.

Cheat Codes:
To unlock these secret characters, just type in the code during the character 
selection screen. Once you hear a sound that implies a correct code has been 
registered, select the required character.

Effect            Code
Play as Brownie  - Press "RB RB RB B B B X" and select Meat Boy
                   (requires an Xbox 360 controller)
Play as Tofu Boy - ype "petaphile" and select Meat Boy.

How to Unlock all Characters:
Submitted by: Arju
Email :

Unlockable - Characters 
Perform the following actions to unlock characters.

 1. Meat Ninja- Get 100% game completion. Meat Ninja runs very fast and can 
    teleport; unfortunately leaderboards are disabled.
 2. Brownie- Enter RB, RB, RB, B, B, B, X at selection screen on an Xbox 360pad
 3. Super Tofu Boy- Enter the code petafile to select this character
 4. Headcrab/Goo- Collect 10 bandages
 5. Alien Hominid / Josef- Collect 30 bandages
 6. 8-Bit Meat Boy- Collect 40 bandages
 7. Tim (Braid) / Naija- Collect 50 bandages
 8. 4-Bit Meat Boy- Collect 60 bandages
 9. Spelunky / Runman- Collect 70 bandages
10. 4 Color Meat Boy- Collect 80 bandages
11. Pink Knight (Castle Crashers) / Captain Viridian- Collect 90 bandages
12. Ninja (N+) / Mr. Minecraft- Collect 100 bandages
13. Commander Video (Bit Trip)- Warp Zone in World 1
14. Jill (Mighty Jill Off)- Warp Zone in World 2
15. Ogmo (Jumper)- Complete The Jump Man! Warp zone in 3-16
16. Flywrench- Complete The Fly Guy! Warp zone in 4-18
17. The Kid (I Wanna Be the Guy)- Complete The Guy! Warp zone in 5-7

Steam Achievements List:
Submitted by: Arju

These are the achievements available for the Steam version of the game.
Achievement Description

01.Accidental Arsonist           - Unlock Mr. Minecraft (100 bandages)
02.Brimstone Boy                 - Complete World 4 without dying
03.Congratulations you have OCD! - A+ every single level
04.Dead Boy                      - Complete The End without dying
05.Girl Boy                      - Complete Cotton Alley without dying
06.Golden God                    - 100% the game
07.I Have Crabs!                 - Unlock Head Crab (10 bandages)
08.I Smell something Fishy...    - Unlock Naija (50 bandages)
09.Living in the past            - Complete 5 retro Warp Zones
10.Maggot Boy                    - Complete World 5 without dying
11.Metal Head                    - Unlock Josef (30 bandages)
12.MS PAINT RULZ!                - Unlock RunMan (70 bandages)
13.Needle Boy                    - Complete World 2 without dying
14.Nostalgia                     - Complete 1 retro Warp Zone
15.Old School                    - Complete 10 retro Warp Zones
16.Retro Rampage                 - Complete all 20 retro Warp Zones
17.Salt Boy                      - Complete World 3 without dying
18.Seneca Falls                  - Beat the dark world Cotton Alley
19.Suffragette                   - Beat the light world Cotton Alley
20.The Bootlicker                - Unlock Jill
21.The Commander                 - Unlock Commander Video
22.The End                       - Beat the light world
23.The Fly Guy                   - Unlock Flywrench
24.The Jump Man                  - Unlock Ogmo
25.The Kid                       - Unlock The Kid
26.The Real End                  - Beat the dark world
27.Vx6                           - Unlock Captain Viridian (90 bandages)
28.Well look at you              - Unlock Tofu Boy (via a cheat code)
29.Wood Boy                      - Complete World 1 without dying.

How To Unlock all characters:
Submitted by: Mazid

Unlock 4 Bit Meat Boy  : Collect  60 bandages.
Unlock 4 Color Meat Boy: Collect  80 bandages.
Unlock 8 Bit Meat Boy  : Collect  40 bandages.
Unlock Captain Viridian: Collect  90 bandages.
Unlock Goo             : Collect  10 bandages.
Unlock Josef           : Collect  30 bandages.
Unlock Mr.Minecraft    : Collect 100 bandages.
Unlock Naija           : Collect  50 bandages.
Unlock Runman          : Collect  70 bandages.
Unlock the Headcrab    : Collect  10 bandages.

Goo Ball:
In the character selection screen you have to type in the code "ballgoo" and
then you select a character (any will do) and then your character will be the
goo ball from world of goo.

Dodge Boss 4's Attacks by Pausing:
Just before the fourth boss does his attack animation, pause and go to the character
select screen. A message stating that you can't change your character will pop up. 
Press A, and you'll still be in the pause screen, but the boss' attack animation will
be unpaused and he will continue attacking you. You are invincible whilst pausing, 
so you can just wait until he finishes his attack. You need to do this every time he
does a new attack animation. Repeat this until he dies.

Save replays in warp zones:
If you press the space bar right after you reach Bandage Girl in a Warp Zone level, you'll see 
a replay of the level instead of moving onto the next level. From here, you can save replays 
if you want. This does NOT work with an Xbox 360 controller.

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