Supreme Ruler 2010 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Supreme Ruler 2010 
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 Supreme Ruler 2010 Cheats

Supreme Ruler 2010

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rasgabucha

Press [Enter] or select the "Chat" button during game play to display the chat
window. Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes then press [Enter] to 
activate the cheat function.

Note: This will mark the stats of your current game as cheated, and will 
also marked the saved game as cheated.

Code                  Effect
cheat allowcheats   - Type this before any other cheats
cheat shelovesme    - Makes the World Market have 100% relations with you
cheat shelovesmenot - Makes the World Market have 0% relations with you
cheat fullmapshow   - Shows the entire map
cheat maxsat        - Raise your recon sat level to max
cheat endday        - Removes unit calculations from game 
                      (Makes the game go much faster)
cheat georgew       - Adds 10,000,000,000 $ to treasury
cheat satellite     - Sends up a recon satellite
cheat instantwin    - Wins the map
cheat allunit       - Allows you to build all units 
                      (Unfortunately, the AI can too) 
cheat onedaybuild   - All units will be built the next day 
                      (Most unfortunately the AI can too... mega lag)
cheat finalexam     - Raise tech level one year

The Diplomacy Bug:
That is if you haven't patched the game. There is a fatal bug in the diplomacy 
screen that technically lets you win the game. In the diplomacy screen, pick a 
country and trade any amount of money or goods you have for land of that country:
this will always succeed! This means you can trade just 1 ton of any type of good
for literally the whole entire country of your choice. Use this bug at your own 

Serial Number Problem:
No, we do not provide serial numbers here, mate! But if you've encountered problems
because the game does not recognize your serial number, its because apparently there
is a "space" before the first number.

Example Serial Number:
Actually it should be:
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