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  Hints and Tips for: Swords And Soldiers 
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 Swords And Soldiers Cheats

Swords And Soldiers

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlockables - Achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the achievement. After all
are unlocked, a code will be displayed on the "Achievement" menu,
which can be submitted for a chance to win a prize from the game's

Achievement             Description
4 the Horde!          - Control 50 units at the same time.
At First I was Afraid - Survive for over 30 minutes in the Castle 
                        Defense minigame.
Blotting Out the Sun  - Finish Chinese campaign level 7 with over 15 
                        Rocketeers alive.
Bull in a China Shop  - Cast a Boulder spell which doesn't hit a single
Can't Touch This      - Prevent a unit dying from a Lightning spell with
                        the Shield spell.
Close Call            - Win a mission in which the enemy attacked your 
Cooking by the Book   - Finish the Viking campaign.
Dying on the Edge     - Sacrifice a unit when their remaining health is
                        less  than 5%.
Fort Knox'd           - Kill the Giant in Aztec campaign level 2 before
                        it reaches your gold mines.
Fourtification        - Finish Viking campaign level 7 without losing 
                        any towers.
Happy New Year!       - Kill 3 enemies with a single rocket that appears
                        after a  Rocketeer dies.
I'm no Kung, Fool!    - Finish the Chinese campaign.
Keep Your Lousy Army  - Finish Aztec campaign level 10 without letting 
                        any Vikings reach your base.
King of the Stone Age - Kill all Vikings in the Boulder minigame without
                        killing any Aztecs.
Lacking Balls         - Finish Aztec campaign level 8 without using the 
                        Boulder spell.
Lost Vikings          - Finish Chinese campaign level 8 without killing
                        any Berserkers.
Pity the Fool!        - Finish Viking campaign level 10 without letting 
                        any enemies reach your base.
Reverse Psychology    - Use Mind Control on a unit which the enemy Mind 
                        Controlled away from you less than 2 seconds ago.
RickRolled            - Destroy the enemy base with a Boulder spell.
Son of Norris         - Kill 46 enemy units with a single unit.
V for Veggies         - Finish the Aztec campaign.

Turbo mode:
Successfully complete all three campaigns.

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