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  Hints and Tips for: Symphony 
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 Symphony Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To 
view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My 
profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement     Description
Acceso        - "Ignited / on fire" - Perfect game (100% + no death) and 
                over 30,000 points at the Piano difficulty.
Audition      - Reach a score target.
Beethoven     - Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67 (hint- 67 is the key). 
Beethoven     - Sonata Op 106 "Hammerklavier"- Unlock Mezzo-forte difficulty.
Bellicoso     - "Warlike, bellicose, belligerent or combative" - Get 100% 
                completion and over 30,000 points at the Mezzo-forte difficulty.
Col Pugno     -  "Bang the piano with the fist" - Get 100% completion and 
                over 30,000 points at the Fortissimo difficulty.
Con Brio      - "With spirit / vigor" - Get 100% completion and over 30,000 
                points at the Piano difficulty.
Con Fuoco     - "With fire / in a fiery manner" - Perfect game (100% + no 
                death) and over 30,000 points at the Mezzo-forte difficulty.
Concertmaster - "Leader of the first violin section" - Reach the 4-bronze 
                star rating on 10 songs.
Conductor     - "Leads a musical ensemble by way of visible gestures" - 
                Reach the 4-Silver star rating on 10 songs.
Crescendo     - "A gradual increase in volume of a musical passage" - Find
                and equip the rare Charging weapon.
Ensemble      - "A group of people who perform instrumental or vocal music" 
                - Perform a 10X chain.
György Ligeti - Étude Nr. 1 "Désordre"- Unlock Fortissimo difficulty.
Haydn         - Symphony No. 104 in D major (Hob.I-104).
Instrument    - Equip a new weapon.
J.S. Bach     - St Matthew Passion, BWV 244.
Maestro       - "A title of extreme respect given to a master musician" - 
                Reach the 4-gold star rating on 10 songs.
Opus I        - "work"or"labour";# generally assigned by composers to individ.
                composition or set compositions on publication,to help identify
                their works-Finish game.
Orchestra     - "A large instrumental ensemble that contains sections of string,
                brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments"-Equip 4 different 
                weapons simultaneously.
Ostinato      - "Obstinate,persistent;short musical pattern that is repeated 
                throughout entire composition"-Reach 30000 points&finish w/o 
                dying at the Mezzo-forte difficulty.
Quintet       - "A group containing five members" - Perform a 5X chain.
Samuel Barber - Cello Concerto in A minor (Op. 22)- Unlock Forte difficulty.
Sempre        - "Always" - Reach 30,000 points and finish without dying at 
                the Fortissimo difficulty.
Solo          - Defeat the first boss.
Sostenuto     - "Sustained, lengthened" - Reach 30,000 points and finish
                without dying at the Piano difficulty.
Staccato      - "A note of shortened duration separated from the note that 
                may follow by silence" - Find and equip the rare Sonic weapon.
Vexations     - Play 840 minutes.
Virtuoso      - "Performing with exceptional ability, technique, or artistry"
                - Perfect game (100% + no death) and over 30,000 points at the
                Fortissimo difficulty.

Easy "Con Fuoco" achievement:
Choose a music track that is relatively slow and short, but has enough activity and
length to make it easy to get 30,000 points. Concentrate on your ship and dodge and 
only pick up notes when safe. Catch ships and bullets on your wings as you can 
regenerate them. Use powers ups (especially invulnerability) to take down the larger
ships. Try equipping your ship with at least a rare scattergun (level 5), a normal 
scattergun (level 4) and two double cannons (both level 3).

Easy "Virtuoso" achievement:
Use "Another Brick In The Wall, Part 3" by Pink Floyd. There will be almost no attack
on the bottom line. The song is almost all blue, but the 30,000 points mark is extremely
easy to reach. There are only two rotating squares that spawn, and no sequence of four 
squares. It is also easy to keep track if you missed anyone to get 100%.

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