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  Hints and Tips for: Tachyon - The Fringe 
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 Tachyon - The Fringe Cheats

Tachyon - The Fringe

Cheat Codes:
Bring up the command window by hitting [7] on the numpad, then type:

Code                  Result 
IM A CHEATER        - Cheat Codes Enabled 
ONE MILLION DOLLARS - Add 5000 Credits 
QUICKENING          - God Mode 
COME GET SOME       - Full Ammo 
DILITHIUM Full      - Energy 
THERE IS NO SPOON   - Return to Starbase to Win 
BOOM STICK          - All Items Available 
RAGTAG              - All Ships Available 
KESSEL RUN          - Enhance Ship 
SAY AHH             - Open a Closed Gate (Target Closed Gate) 

Submitted by: nightraider

Using a hex editor, look for offset ...018. The hex number is set up
in the standard savegame way, with two digits in pairs from lowest to 
higest place (i.e., if you have 6000 credits, that's 1770 in hexidecimal,
and that would be laid out like this " 70 17 00" .. etc.). Then, you can 
overwrite this offset and modify the amount of credits you have. 
If you use FF FF, this translates into 65,535 credits.

* Use the slide function to get bogies off your tail or put some distance
  between you and cap ships while keeping them targeted. Hold down Q or the
  fourth joystick button to point your nose any direction while continuing 
  on your original vector. It also helps make faster turns. 

* Reverse course rapidly with reverse thrusters (Z) and reverse afterburners
  (Tab-Z). These are very tricky to use, because they function much faster 
  than similar features on other sims. A quick reverse is another way to shake
  a bogey off your tail and wind up on his in the blink of an eye. A combination
  of slide and reverse afterburners can be lethal once mastered. 

* Don't dismiss the Chatter Cannon just because it uses projectiles. It can 
  punch holes in armor quicker than a laser. Used in combination with a beam 
  weapon (to bring down shields), it can take out a bogey pretty quickly. 

* Take some time to learn the Solaris Torpedo when it becomes available: 
  it's tricky but worth it. The Solaris drains power from the ship to pump
  up the strength of its warhead. The longer you hold the trigger before 
  releasing, the more power it gets, but the more drain it puts on engines
  and shields. Because it's also unguided, it's hard to use in fast, close
  dogfights, but it's powerful against larger ships and capital ship 

Hidden Cargo:
Submitted by: DJ Simo

While on a mission or just touring the galaxy; be on the lookout for space
debris. There is all kinds of space junk floating around out there. But 
specific free-floating crates can help fill your credit account if you know
where to take them. Your ship's radar will not detect crates as long as your
distance is within 8.0 or so.

Lost Atrwork:
Submitted by: DJ Simo

There is a crate of lost artwork in the top dome of Dr. Cassitor's Main Station.
One of the ways to access it is when you are going to deliver the beacon of the 
Demon Pirates. The easy way to understand the location is, when facing the correct
direction towards the landing pads, just fly up, towards the dome. It'll show up 
on radar, just fly towards the middle of the dome. You'll see it.

Expensive Space Debris:
Submitted by: DJ Simo

There is a crate filled with 1000 credits sitting between the station and an
asteroid field that is directly below it (the bottom of the station is the side
without the docking pad) in the Draconis Ripstar Field. 

Infinite Afterburnurs:
Submitted by: DJ Simo

Use the afterburners to accelerate to full speed, then qickly hold "Q" (slide
button). If done correctly your ship will maintain its current speed and direction
until the key is released. This uses no afterburner energy.

Here is a list of all the essential space junk and where you need to take it:

Space Junk         Who Wants it
Trade Goods      - New Zurich Orbital in the Earth Sector 
Spare Parts      - Drake Station in the Inustrial Sector of the Hub Region
Contraband       - Arman Patrioli (to trade w/ Arman you need to first find 
                   his missing handguns)
Mining Equipment - Apollo Research Station (this is only for Gal Span pilots)
Medical Supplies - Mercy Hospital Station
Lost Artworks    - Baron Malkar

Hex Ship Cheat:
If you don't want to type in the cheat code for ships, but still want to 
fly the ship of your choice in either campaign, use a hex editor and look 
for the following offsets. 
Then, set that offset to "01".

550C: Pegasus Interceptor
5520: Battleaxe Fighter
5510: Orion Fighter
5524: Cutlass Bomber
5514: Archangel Fighter
5528: Mace Interceptor
5518: Phoenix Heavy Bomber
552C: Warhammer Fighter
551C: Poseidon Bomber
5530: Claymore Heavy Bomber
5534: Mako Economy Fighter

Travel at afterburner speed forever:
Keeping the slide key down (usually q) after getting at full afterburner speed
keeps you from slowing down. Uses: fast travel to tachyon gates, running away 
from fights, or running towards fights.

Big bucks fast:
When using the RAGTAG cheat, before launching, sell the 4 most expensive ships
(IE all but Orion) and when you hit back, they'll reappear, but you'll still 
have the money from selling them.

Infinite Afterburner Speed:
Boost speed to maxiumium using the afterburner, then hold down 'Q' (the slide
key) then let go of the afterburner to continue in the same direction at the 
same speed without draining power. Note: This disrupts the game flow, as many
missions can easily be accomplished without fighting.

Attacked by Star Patrol:
In mission 54 in Sol (Investigate Mine Field), you can get Star Patrol to attack
you. Make sure you have a fast ship and Tesla EMP missiles on it before you start
this mission. After destroying all the mines, the pirates will appear. Disable 
Styx 1 with the Tesla EMP missle, and wait for Star Patrol. You may want to disable
another pirate just in case. When Star Patrol arrives, target Enforcer 1 and disable
it. Wait for all the non-disabled enemy ships to be destroyed. Note: Star Patrol will
not attack the disabled ships. Then, shoot at Enforcer 1 until its hull is at 10 to 
20 percent. Soon, the other Enforcers will turn on you. Your fast ship should be able
to outrun the missiles that are shot at you, as long as you use afterburners. 
An alternate way to survive is to enable the quickening code. You also may need to
enable the come get some code to do this trick.

Solaris Torpedo:
The Solaris Torpedo drains power from the ship to increase the strength of its warhead.
The longer you hold the trigger before releasing, the more power it gets, however the 
more drain it will put on the engines and shields. Because it is unguided, it is 
difficult to use in fast and close dogfights. However it is powerful when used 
against larger ships and capital ship subsystems.

1000 easy credits:
README REWARD: For taking the time to read the Readme, here is a special game hint. 
There is a crate filled with 1000 credits sitting between the station and an asteroid
field directly below it (the bottom of the station is the side without the docking 
pad) in the Draconis Ripstar Field.

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