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  Hints and Tips for: Tamagotchi 
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 Tamagotchi Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Tamagotchi CD-ROM

Accelerated Growth: 
As soon as your creature is born, feed him and give him snacks, then put
him in the "CARE CENTER." Now go to your computer's cs clock and set the
date two days ahead. When you retrieve your creature he'll have grown up! 

Get Certain Characters:
To get either Mametchi (blue guy with ears) or Mimitchi 
(white guy with ears) you must always discipline your 
Tamagotchi and never let it ask for attention. 
To get Ginjirochi (blue guy with hair) or Poochitchi 
(the dog) you must only let it ask for attention once and 
you must also not discipline it once. 
To get Masktchi (Racoon) or Zuccuchi (Guy with for legs and 
big ears) you must never discipline it and discipline it 
when it does not need it. 
To get Kuchipatchi (Green guy with beak) or Hashizotchi 
(pink guy with yellow 
lips)you must always discipline it but take bad care of it. 
To Get Nyrotchi 
(The red snake) or Kusatchi (the flower) you must treat it 
like Ginjirotchi and Poochichi except let it keep asking for 
attention. To get Tarakotchi (guy with purple lips) or 
Takotchi (guy with anttena on head) you must always 
let it ask for attention and never discipline it. 
To get Bill or Zachi 
(the secret characters) you must get Masktchi or Zuccuchi 
and keep them alive.

Age up your pet:
Submitted by: Pangeran Akbarsyah

Put your pet in the care center and go and change the Date/time Properties 
If suppose the time is 1300 on Jan 8th 2000 change it to 1300 10th 2000. 
Do the same every day and your pet will be adult in just 9 days..

Mametchi or Mimitchi:
If you want mametchi or mimitchi just feed it with snacks and when it needs 
discipline just praise it and it will all pay off because hey you've got 
the pet you want

Free Stuff:
Go to the corner store (only on version 1,2,3 and 4) and press A three times 
in two seconds to suprise the shop keeper then type in the code. 
Hint: you can only use the cheat once but when you tamagotchi dies you 
can do it again.

Unlockable    How to unlock

Senior Characters:

Unlockable               How to unlock
Oyitochi or Ojitochi   - Don't Feed Unhealthy Snacks
Mametochi or Mimitochi - Feed Snacks

Different messages:
You will get a "sad" message if you restart your Tamagotchi and send it home. 
If you raise it until it leaves, you will get a "happy" message.

Free money:
This only works for V4 tamagotchis.

1 - Go to Tamatown and go to the food court
2 - Click on tamaburger and as soon as the game starts, press the exit button and go 
    back to the food court
3 - Then go to the pizza game and make 4 or more pizzas.  There is a glitch and you
    collect your money and then the 'collect your money' screen will show up again
4 - Keep clicking it until you have 9900 money
5 - Log out and you will have more money
*NOTE* You can do this as much as you want!!

Healthy weights:
Wanna know the healthy weight 4 your tama? And how to get it the least weight?
Here's all the info you need:

Baby  - 5-7 lbs
Child - 10-12 lbs
Teen  - 20-22 lbs
Adult - Stays the same. May increase to 30-32 lbs

When your tamogotchi dies or is going back to it's home planet hold down c, a, 
the b. Then 5 eggs will appear on your screen.

debug depress it about 10 times put it together press reset when the egg haches
it will say what it is press the a button until you get who you want.

Tamagotchi v 4.5 - Some codes:
Submitted by: Anonymous

Passport       - 53307 27270
Brochure       - 84699 27773
Chocolate Bar  - 71931 13848
Car            - 07227 13848
Actn. Figure 1 - 91579 24082
Actn. Figure 2 - 02939 17204
Waffle         - 45307 14016

Kings castle and unlockable items!:
To access the Tama King's castle and receive his items you first gotta donate 5000 points
to him. Then, you will get a password on your screen telling you a password, so then you 
go to the Tama world website, enter the code and see the King!
Note: This only works on V3 and V4.

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