Tank Ball 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Tank Ball 2 
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 Tank Ball 2 Cheats

Tank Ball 2

Speed Hack:
Submitted by: denlil

1. Open the game from
2. Open cheat engine 5.3 (search for it on the google).
3. Search 700 on cheat engine.
4. Get a speed bonus.
5. Type 1000 on cheat engine.
6. Cchange the value but dont make a big number like 9999999
   you will cant stop the tank change it from 700 to 6000.

Unlimited spike balls:
1. Open the game.
2. Open cheat engine.
3. Collect a fire bonus.
4. Search 10 on cheat engine.
5. Shoot 2 times.
6. Search 8 on cheat engine.
7. Change the value to the amount of spike balls you want.
   (i think i helped you.)

Tankball 1 + 2 -Become a GOD:
Submitted by: Kyle Minor

First open up ONE Enternet browser then go to and click tankball 1 or 2 
(2 IS BETTER) Then open up cheat engine and click the flashy button, go all the way to 
the bottom and the first enternet u see closest to the bottom click that,Type in 10 then 
hit first scan(The value must be Exact value and 4 bytes)
Then go to a server and get hit once bye a weapon (BALL=1 SPIKE=2 Hits) Subtract that from 
10 lets say u got hit bye a ball type in 9! But hurry and join a diffrent room when u get 
hit, Then ig there are more then 1 number(s) then get hit again and subtract that from 9 
and u will have 8 enter that, do this until u have 1 numbrer left, now freeze that adress 
and change it to any value you would like!
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