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  The encyclopedia of game cheats. A die hard gamer would get pissed if they saw someone using cheats and walkthroughs in games, but you have to agree, sometimes little hint or the "God Mode" becomes necessary to beat a particularly hard part of the game. If you are an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons and tools the survive the game, CheatBook DataBase is exactly the resource you would want. Find even secrets on our page: TechnoMage 
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 TechnoMage Cheats


Cheat Codes:
While playing, press [Enter] then type the following codes:

Code               Result
victory is mine  - Win Game 
now you die      - Lose Game
fill this bag    - Add 10,000 Gold 
revelation       - Reveal Map 
build anything   - All Buildings Available 
give me power    - All Spells Available 
cheezy towers    - Spells Have No Range Limit
restoration      - Restores Hit Points 
frame it         - Shows Frame Count
i'm a loser baby - Lose Game
grow up          - Highlighted Hero Gains +5 Levels

In a saved game in the directory SAVES under the installed directory 
(filenames "TMN_01.TSG" through "TMN_10.TSG"), are the following addresses: 

To enable all skill items (bow, fireball, earthquake, etc.), the following 
addresses should be set to 01 hex unless a non-zero value is already there: 


4f14-4f49 - 27 Inventory slots, 2 bytes per slot.
If the slot is empty, the values are ff ff hex
If the slot is occupied, the first byte is the item code (below), 
the second byte is 00 hex. 

Inventory Item Codes (in hex) 

value - description (hex address of the number of the item the player has)
1b - arrows (4b80 - set to ff hex for infinite arrows)
1c - fire arrows (4b84 - set to ff hex for infinite fire arrows) 
1d - water arrows (4b88 - set to ff hex for infinite water arrows)
1e - small healing potion (4b8c) 
1f - large healing potion (4b90) 
20 - small combined potion (4b94) 
21 - large combined potion (4b98) 
22 - small mana potion (4b9c) 
23 - large mana potion (4ba0) 
24 - anti-venom herb (4ba4) 
25 - anti-venom potion (4ba8) 
26 - magic cube (strength) (4bac) 
27 - magic cube (intelligence) (4bb0) 
28 - magic cube (constitution) (4bb4) 
29 - magic cube (mystic) (4bb8) 
2a - copper key (4bbc) 
2b - silver key (4bc0) 
2c - gold key (4bc4) 
2d - steel key (4bc8) 
2f - torch (4bd0) 
31 - compass (N/A) 
32 - chalk (4bdc)
39 - a rose (4bf8)
3a - Mrs. Sengarn's books (4bfc)
3b - a balloon, somewhat deflated (4c00)
3c - shade fern (4c04)
3d - bread and butter (4c08)
3e - Master Bacchus' best booze (4c0c)
3f - sleeping draught (4c10)
40 - crowbar (4c14)
41 - lump of zantium (4c18)
42 - kitten (4c1c)
43 - cork (4c20)
44 - castor oil (4c24)
45 - empty stew plate (4c28)
46 - stew (4c2c)
47 - stew with castor oil (4c30)
48 - dynamite (4c34)
49 - control wheel (4c38)
4a - oil can (4c3c)
The Hive:
4b - black module (4c40)
4c - blue module (4c44)
4d - green module (4c48)
4e - red module (4c4c)
Fairy Forest:
4f - silverweed (4c50)
50 - blue ice flower (4c54)
51 - red sunflower (4c58)
52 - dark green flower (4c5c)
53 - light green spring flower (4c60)
54 - honeycomb (4c64 - adds this value with value in other honeycomb) 
55 - branch from an old oak (4c68) 
56 - Horpach's magic wand (4c6c) 
57 - good luck potion (4c70) 
58 - yellow crystal (4c74) 
59 - honeycomb (4c78) 
5a - empty bucket (4c7c) 
5b - bucket of fresh water (4c80) 
5c - captured bee (4c84) 
5d - fish seal (4c88) 
5e - horse seal (4c8c) 
5f - bird seal (4c90) 
60 - shrinking potion (4c94) 
61 - harp strings (4c98) 
62 - knife (4c9c) 
63 - silk thread (4ca0)
64 - bee sting (4ca4) 
65 - fairy gold (4ca8) 
66 - bee basket (4cac) 
67 - wooden mask (pass) (4cb0) 
68 - ray glass (4cb4) 
69 - moonbeams in a ray glass (4cb8) 
6a - antidote potion (4cbc) 
6b - antidote potion blessed by a royal smile (4cc0) 
6c - tuning fork (4cc4) 
6d - honey glass (for catching bees) (4cc8) 
6e - gear wheel (4ccc)
6f - red eye stone (4cd0)
70 - green eye stone (4cd4)
71 - blue eye stone (4cd8)
72 - yellow eye stone (4cdc)
74 - red lens (4ce4)
75 - green lens (4ce8)
76 - blue lens (4cec)
77 - Cahoch-Ran's horn (4cf0)
78 - lever (4cf4)
79 - old spectacles (4cf8)
7a - black pearl (4d00)
7b - belladonna (4d04)
7c - empty urn (4d08)
7d - urn filled with ashes (4d0c)
7e - book on ghost conjuring (4d10)
80 - blue iron ball (4d14)
81 - bucket (4d18)
82 - lump of metal (4d1c)
83 - Ruisorne's voting coin (4d20)
84 - gambler's voting coin (4d24)
85 - Cistorne's voting coin (4d28)
86 - the evidence (4d2c)
87 - shovel (4d30)
88 - crystal (4d34)
89 - stardust (4d38)
8a - geode (4d3c)
8b - book (4d40)
8c - amulet (4d44)
8d - crystal (4d48)
8e - dragon's tooth (4d4c)
8f - egg from the hive (4d50)
90 - goblet of mead (4d54)
91 - nut (4d58)
92 - mushroom (4d5c)
93 - ring (4d60)
94 - skull (4d64)
95 - shard of mana crystal (4d68)
96 - fish (4d6c)
97 - berries (4d70)
98 - black keystone (4d74)
99 - white keystone (4d78)
9a - red keystone (4d7c)
9b - blue keystone (4d80)
9c - green keystone (4d84)
9d - yellow keystone (4d88)
9e - energy pearl (4d8c)
9f - seal of mysticism (4d90)
a0 - seal of combat (4d94)
a1 - seal of defence (4d98)
a2 - seal of magic (4d9c) 

Note 1: Many of these items will only display properly in the inventory list 
        depending on what level is being played. 

Note 2: Adding the above values to the inventory area is only the first step. To 
        have the game acknowledge that the item displayed in the inventory is 
        actually there, the hex address in parenthesis has to have a non-zero value.

4be0-2 - Gold; Max 3f 42 0f hex ($999,999)
4f51-2 and 4f59-a - Location player is standing. 
Playing with these values can actually relocate the player to a 
desired location. Subtracting from 4f51-2 moves the player to the 
west in the game. Adding to 4f51-2 moves the player to the east. 
Subtracting from 4f59-a moves the player north and adding moves 
the player south. Try adding (or subtracting) one or two hex values 
to (or from) the leftmost bit of address 4f51 (or 4f59). 
So a hex a5 would become hex b5 if adding and hex 95 if 
subtracting. If that value is already very near the maximum 
of ff, then make the leftmost bit a 0 and add 1 to the righmost 
bit of address 4f52 (or 4f5a). 
So hex f5 01 would become hex 05 02. Quite often you will end up 
on top of a wall separating one room from another. Simply walk to 
where you wanted to be and drop down. Note: 
The corresponding *memory* locations are 827b0d-e for east-west 
and 827b15-6 for north-south. 
A program like Magic Trainer Creator can be used to manipulate 
these locations. This is especially useful in the final battle 
when saving the game is not permitted. 

73ad - Strength skill(STR); Max 28 hex
73ae - Intelligence skill(INT); Max 28 hex
73af - Constitution skill(CON); Max 28 hex
73b0 - Mystical skill(MYS); Max 28 hex

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