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  Hints and Tips for: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - Battle Nexus 
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 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - Battle Nexus Cheats

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - Battle Nexus

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: CrazzyTDJ

slsdrdl  - nightmare mode
rdsrmrl  - hard mode
mrlmrmr  - pizza paradise
sssmrdd  - toggling
dsrdmrm  - no damage efects
drmsrlr  - health restores
rlmrdsl  - no shurikane(?)

Submitted by: A.H. SHIMANTO

Use the following key when entering the passwords. 

L: Leonardo
M: Michaelangelo 
D: Donatello 
R: Raphael 
S: Shredder 

Self Recovery: 
Enter DRMSRLR as a password. Your character will slowly regain HP. 

Enter DSRDMRM as a password. Your character will always have full health. 

Mighty Turtle:
Enter LSDRRDR as a password. Your characters will no longer be hurt by damage. 

Enter MLDSRDM as a password. Alternate sounds will play when objects are hit.

Pizza Paradise:
Enter MRLMRMR as a password. All health items will be replaced by full HP pizzas.

Enter SSSMRDD as a password. There will be strange sounds when your character walks.

Enter RDSRMRL as a password. All enemies will have their defense doubled.

Enter SLSDRDL as a password. All enemies will have their attacks doubled.

Super Offense Power:
Enter SDLSRLL as a password. Your attacks will be doubled.

Super Defense Power:
Enter LDRMRLM as a password. Your defense will be doubled.

Infinite Shuriken:
Enter RSRLRSM as a password.

Lose Shuriken:
Enter RLMRDSL as a password. You will not be able to use shuriken.

New Nexus outfit for Donatello:
Enter DSLRDRM as a password.

New Nexus outfit for Leonardo:
Enter LMRMDRD as a password.

New Nexus outfit for Michelangelo:
Enter MLMRDRM as a password.

New Nexus outfit for Raphael:
Enter RMSRMDR as a password.

Playmates unlocked in bonus materials: 
Enter SRMLDDR as a password.

Fatal Blow:
Enter LRSRDRD as a password. Enemies have one hit kill ability.

Enter SDSDRLD as a password. You will lose all health after falling.

Enter DRSLLSR as a password. Your character will slowly lose HP.

Challenge Mode Endurance:
Enter MRMDRMD as a password. Stamina restore will no longer be available.

Unlocking all extra characters:
Successfully complete the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game. 

Feudal Japan: Secret levels 6-4 and 6-5:
To reach the two levels on top of Feudal Japan, in level 6-3 go near the bridge. Use 
Leonardo to cut down some trees toward a clearing. You will go toward a beach (with an 
antique). Then, use Raphael to move a large rock leading to a cave.

Defeating Spasmasaur:
Hitting the tentacles does not do anything. Instead, if playing in single player mode,
use Donatello and single (or double) jump directly up to the Spasmasaur's head and hit
it. The Spasmasaur will turn red. Run and lure it into the closest wall. Repeat this 
until it is defeated. If playing in multi-player mode, have Donatello approach Spasmasaur
and have everyone else stay as far away as possible. Then, and jump attack the Spamasaur's
head, lure it into the wall, and repeat.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game:
Got to level 9-1 and get the hidden Antique. Do this by going down one of the alleyways. 
There will be a pile of crates and a broken down bus. Jump on the crate and onto the bus. 
From the bus, jump onto the building . There should be two crates here, containing Pizza 
and the Antique. Then, complete the level and defeat all the Purple Dragons, Foot, and 
Mobsters. Next, go to the " 2nd Time Around". If you look through the different objects 
in the "NY" section, you will see the image of an arcade. Select the arcade to see 
information on it. When you exit out of the information, the message "Classic Arcade 
Mode Unlocked" will appear, and that option is now on the main menu at the title screen. 
Note: Do not worry if the screen remains black, or the arcade main screen takes a long 
time to load; this is normal.

Completing as Leo:
In the level 0-1 "Backyard," you do not need to change to Don, Mikey or Raph. All things 
can be completed with Leo. After slashing through the metal fences, walk up to the crate 
Raphael is supposed to move. Repeatedly use weak attack to move this with Leo. 
Note: This might take a bit of time. There are two ways to cross the river using Leonardo 
instead of Michelangelo. You can either climb the boxes at the far wall and cross over 
the top path, or use Leo's aerial attack to cross. When getting to Donatello's challenge
(technology), just use weak attack on it until the lasers are disabled.

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