Terminal Terror Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Terminal Terror 
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 Terminal Terror Cheats

Terminal Terror

Don't KILL civilians! becoz you'll be branded a RENEGADE and thrown 
in prison. You might try a few Ninja Kicks or GOO Gun attacks:)

When you pick up ammo that you need, it will go right into the 
weapon. If you pick up ammo and don't need it yet or for a weapon
you don't have yet, the ammo will go into your inventory.

Medi-paks work in a similar fashion. If you can't use it when 
you pick it up, it pops into your inventory. To use it later, 
you must drop it and then pick it up again.

Grenades must be selected like every other weapon. Throw the 
grenade by holding down the space bar. The longer you hold down 
the key, the farther the grenade will travel. The grenades must 
be used with care.  They will bounce off walls and you are 
vulnerable to their explosions unless you have the Gas Mask in
your inventory.

Bombs are activated by remote control. Place a bomb on the ground
by selecting the bomb using the 'S' key, moving the cursor to the
bomb icon and pressing the Enter key. Back way up because you are
vulnerable to the explosion. Now press the 'B' key to detonate 
the bomb. This is very effective when there are terrorists 
walking by that don't see you. Run out, plant the bomb, and
when they walk back...BOOM.
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