Test Drive - Le Mans Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Test Drive - Le Mans 
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 Test Drive - Le Mans Cheats

Test Drive - Le Mans

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Jino

Type this in player name:

Code           Result
endoffers    - all cars in champ mode
lemansoffers - all cars in le mans 24

Submitted by: rickHH

* Turn down the controller sensitivity and increase the dead zone
  in the options screen or you'll find yourself spinning uncontrollably.

* Although it's not realistic, you can downshift through even the sharpest
  turns in Le Mans, easily passing most of the AI drivers. 

* You'd never guess this, but you'll find your saved games under the Driver
  History screen. Save at every pit stop so you can reload if something goes
  terribly wrong. 

-=All Arcade Tracks=-
For All Arcade Tracks, type ''ALLTRACKSPLEASE''

-=All Cars=-
For all arcade cars, type ''ALLTHECARSNOW''. 
For all championship cars, type ''ENDOFFERS'' 
For all run cars, type ''1999CHEATCARS'' 
For all LeMans cars, type ''LEMANSOFFERS''

-=Get Deborah=-
To get Deborah in training mode, type ''DEBORACING'' 
To get Deborah in run mode, type ''DEBORALM''

_=Training Mode Special Cars=-
For a '99 BMW LMP, type ''19BMW99'' 
For a '99 Audi Roadster, type ''1999AUDI'' 
For a '99 Toyota, type ''TOYOTA1999'' 

NOTE: these codes are for training mode.
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