Texas Cheat 'Em Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Texas Cheat 'Em 
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 Texas Cheat 'Em Cheats

Texas Cheat 'Em

Unlockables Achievements (Steam):
Complete each requirement to receive the achievements.

Unlockable                      How to Unlock
Cheater For Life              - Complete all levels of Career Cheat'em.
Come Out and Play             - Win five consecutive PvP games initiated by other players.
Fixer                         - Use Cheats to go from a High Card to a Straight or better.
Like a Bad Rash               - Win a hand after folding and then using "Unfold".
Luck O' the Draw              - Increase your hand to a Straight or above using Player Swap
                                or Deck Swap.
Nosey Parker                  - Use the Target X-Ray Cheat on another player.
Overkill                      - Use five or more Cheats in a single hand.
Sticky Fingers                - Steal another player's chips.
The Power of Suggestion       - Use a "Suggestion" Cheat to assemble a full house or greater.
You're Missing The Point Here - Win a hand with a Straight or better without using any cheats.

Predicting slots:
Press "Stop" button when the desired symbol appears in the left window. The other 
windows will automatically click. The order never changes and is always: Jack, 
Banana, Hippo Logo, Queen, La Cherry Spice.

Texas Cheat 'Em is a new take on the classic Texas Hold 'Em rules, 
turning an average online poker table upside down by layering party
games and other gambling minigames on top of the basic rules, and 
allowing players to cheat to win! Gamers of all levels can hoodwink
their opponents in Texas Cheat 'Em; novice competitors who craft 
good cheating strategies by using x-ray vision, pre-cognition, 
chip stealing, card swapping and more can defeat more veteran 
card players.
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