Tex McPhilip in Road to Divinity Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Tex McPhilip in Road to Divinity 
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 Tex McPhilip in Road to Divinity Cheats

Tex McPhilip in Road to Divinity

The Pilgrimage:
Get shirt
Get lighter
Get axe
Open door
Use axe with woodcutter
Get carrot
Use axe with chair
Get wood
Use wood with fire
Use carrot with hole
Use axe with rabbit
Get rabbit
Use rabbit with fire
Use TNT with rocks
Use lighter with TNT
Go ladder
Give rabbit to man
Talk man
Use axe with chain
Use shirt with leg

The Purging

Get flower
Give flower to girl
Get wax
Use axe with man
Get guts
Use guts with well
Go guts
Get bucket
Use bucket with water
Use water with bush
Use axe with bush
Give bible to man
Use wax
Get hammer
Use hammer with statue
Use bike

To Become a God

Talk man
Open door
Talk people
Get cup
Get brick
Talk man
Use key with door
Go cellar
Use cup wit tequila
Give cup to man
Open casket
Use beans with casket
Use brick with window
Get brick
Get glass
Use brick with man
Use glass with man
Wake man
Get leg
Give leg to bird
Get liver
Give liver to people
Talk man

The Siege of the Heavens:
Get beans
Use can with garden
Get shovel 
Get can
Open cabinet
Get chicken
Use amazin-g-row with plant
Open trashcan
Get bag
Talk man
Use shovel with grave
Open casket
Get suit
Wear suit
Use bird with TNT
Give bird to Cerberus
Open mailbox
Get letter
Use manure with bag
Use bag with door
Use fire with bag
Ring bell
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