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 TG Motocross 3 Cheats

TG Motocross 3

Submitted by: David K.

* Don't forget that you now get points for flips, and if you do front flips,
  you can not only get distance, but also score more points. Also, on the 
  higher levels, you can jump and lean back just enough to hit your back 
  tire on the underside of the cliff you are trying to jump onto. let your
  back tire hit to give you some extra flipping power!

* To be sure you're landing on the correct place you must land on the weed.
  First have a run like you always do, and afterwords try landing on the weed.
  To finish the track, you must land on the weed in the last platform (the one
  where the track finishes). Observe it!!! This is valid for all the TG 

* To do a super long jump, press space as you are going up the ramp. To high
  jump, press space just before you leave the ramp.

* When approaching a jump, lean forward right before. When you're off the jump,
  lean backwards and you will spin faster.

* When going off jump, lean forward and you will jump a lot further.

* When going off of a ledge and going to the next, lean back slightly before you
  jump off,and don't try to do a lot of backflips, since they cause you to slow 
  down,and they are extremly hard to land.

* Backflip makes you lose speed. Frontflips give you forward speed.

* On the 'Do a Wheelie', keep your front wheel over your back wheel as much as
  possible. This allows for longer wheelies and it is harder for your front 
  wheel to touch the ground going over bumps.

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