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  Hints and Tips for: The Average Everyday Adventures Of Samantha Browne 
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 The Average Everyday Adventures Of Samantha Browne Cheats

The Average Everyday Adventures Of Samantha Browne

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Blow your nose" achievement:
After the first three options, you will see a shelf. Select the tissue from 
the hedgehog/echidna box. 

Easy "Once more, with feeling" achievement:
You will have to experience all the bad endings in the same playthrough. 
These endings are as follows.

* Abandoning the hallway and fainting from hunger. 
* Fainting after deciding not to eat today. 
* Run away from the kitchen, but realizing you have forgotten your keys. 
* Spilling your oatmeal while cleaning the kitchen. 
* Spilling your oatmeal while taste-testing it. 
* Dropping the half-cooked oatmeal. 
* The oatmeal overflows the mug it's being cooked in. 
* Burn your hands on the cooked oatmeal, causing you to drop it. 
* Cook the oatmeal, but realizing you have forgotten your keys.

Skip Seen Text:
On subsequent playthroughs of this game, as you attempt to get all of the 
endings, you might find it useful to hold the Ctrl key down to skip text 
you've already seen; the game doesn't make this function apparent whatsoever,
unlike most other RenPy-based visual novels. The text you've seen already 
will be skipped over while you hold the key down, stopping at decision points
and whenever there's text you haven't seen.

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