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  Hints and Tips for: The Banner Saga 2 
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 The Banner Saga 2 Cheats

The Banner Saga 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Edit your launcher link and add the "developer" word behind the executable 
(without quotes). Developer mode will be unlocked and you can use from the 
top right. E.g. "K" will do 100 strength damage to all enemies. 
You can also use the console to unlock more possiblities. At any time during 
gameplay, you can access the in-game console via the console hotkey 

Code                  Effect
spawnadd            - Adds an enemy to the battlefield.
saga roster_add x   - Where x = a hero name.
                      (this may cause game script problems,use with caution). 
                      No removal!
saga item_all       - Will add all items.
                      (beware, doing in battle will grab your time).
saga market_show    - Will open a market anywhere.
saga market_refresh - Will refresh the market items.
saga vars [pattern] - List saga vars, using optional pattern filter.
saga vars caravan   - List caravan saga vars.
saga vars global    - List global saga vars.
saga vars cast      - List cast saga vars.
saga vars xyz       - List vars with names starting with 'xyz'.
saga set            - Set a saga var.
saga happenings     - List all active happenings.
saga caravan        - Display info on current caravan.
saga info           - Get info on current scene, convo, etc- 
                      (also copies to clipboard).
saga acv unlocked   - Display current unlocked achievements.
saga acv clear      - Clear all achievements.
items               - Display list of all available items.
items_unlock        - Remove the rank restriction on equipping items.
fsm state battle ai - Toggle Battle AI off, allowing you to control the AI.
battle buffstr      - Give everyone in your party 100 STR.
battle buffarm      - Give everyone in your party 100 ARM.

Krumr's Mentor Achievement Guide:
Written by elhasi

How to get this Achievement using a relatively doable strategy.

-=Main Strategy=
The fundament of this strategy is Alette lvl. 10 with Overwatch + Stravhs' Bond. 
All approaching enemies will be knocked back this way, and their turn comes to an 
end. I believe this is a well known strategy, but some people might not know it. 
It is very overpowered though, but needed for this.

The difficult part here is to get the item in the first place, because item drops 
are randomized. The item is lvl. 6, so I recommend getting Alette up to that level 
quickly, and then not use any items on viking funerals. The reason is that items 
don't drop as duplicates, so the more items you have in your inventory, the more it 
is likely that the next one will be Stravhs' Bond.

As soon as you have it, you can use the most useless items on funerals as you see 
fit. Until then, you should also only recruit "cannon fodder" units, that you don't 
want to use later.

The most difficult obstacles for me were battle #2 and #7.

#2: Make sure to have enough "cannon fodder" units in your party, that can shield 
Alette from damage. Use her Puncture to kill most units. Varl are a good choice 
here as well. Remember only Alette needs to survive, your cannon fodder can just 
be funeralized for Renown.

#7: Remove Alette from you roster (she will be killed probably otherwise) and put 
units in there, that can deal damage to multiple targets. The map is full with 
archers and obstacles, so it is important to clear a path to them quickly. Bolverk 
and Warhawks are good choices here.

-=General Tips=-
General recommendations for your "endgame":

I recommend a shield wall unit like Egil first in your starting order. Give him
 a +Aggro item and send him first using shield wall. Most enemies will focus on 
him. Give him Guts later on, to trigger Overwatch if a good opportunity comes up.
Second in line should be Alette with Overwatch.
Third should be a Skald that will stay next to Alette for his passive Skald's 
Song, so that Alette doesn't run out of Willpower. She will do all the kils, so 
every kill will grant everyone Willpower. Also use Tale Worth Telling on Alette, 
so that her damage is increased against stronger units.
Rest of the line should be Archers with high Break like Yrsa, Canary or Rook, and 
Eyvind. The point is to break armor of incoming enemies from a safe distance and 
weaken them for Alette when they want to approach. It makes sense to give those 
units Ranged Distance+ or BRK+ items. Use Eyvind for mending Armor. You can also 
keep your Cannon Fodder units here until they die, before replacing them with the 
before mentioned units.

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