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  Hints and Tips for: The Talos Principle 
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 The Talos Principle Cheats

The Talos Principle

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Developer's Island:
In Area A: Hub Land, go to the Room 7 teleporter. Search the opposite end 
where another teleporter should be to find Developer's Island between the 
boarded up section and the Room 6 port.

Minecraft reference:
In Area C: Room 6, enter the first puzzle to the right. Enter the Sigil 
room that is guarded by a mine. Search the dark left corner covered in 
brush carefully to find a hole in the wall. Enter it to find the Diamond
Sword stuck in a stone.

Pink Floyd reference:
In Area B: Room 5, get to the top of the ruin that you arrived in at the 
start of the room. Note: A box and fan are required to reach the top. Go 
through one of the teleporters to find a reference to Pink Floyd's "Dark 
Side Of The Moon" album cover.

Portal 2 references:
In Area B: Room 2, use the first puzzle on the left to link a red laser with
the moon to display the Aperture Science logo. Additionally, in the same 
area is a hidden key in the nearby puzzle on the right that is used to access
a telescope on the high stone beams. Use the viewfinder to get a closer look 
at the Aperture symbol on the moon to see Wheatley trapped above it.

Fork Parker reference:
In Area C: Room 2, go to the ruins of a church with a red door. Walk through
that door to enter a black hallway. Go to the window to see Fork Parker's 
office. Fork Parker is the fictional Devolver CEO that broadcasts on Twitter.

Ultimate Guide to All Paint Bucket Messages:
All Paint Bucket Messages

-=Message List=-
It feels as if I've been struggling with these problems for days. Did you take so long?
Elohim tells you you are stuck twice.

Elohim keeps telling me I'm doing well, but these puzzles are simply impossible.
Elohim tells you you are stuck four times.

Don't worry. If you're anything like me you just need to take your time and 
the solutions will present themselves.
Enter world C without getting stuck.

How am I expected to solve these problems when my existence is so limited?
Decline to offer an alternate account of consciousness OR
Refuse to give Milton more food for thought OR
Say that you're not in a position to solve these problems OR
Say that you're unable to explain morals to Milton.

I hope wherever I am to go next the obstacles in my way will be less trivial.
Enter world B without going above average time on any puzzle.

They say that Elohim's Messengers will come to the aid of those in need. 
I say avoid being in need of their help in the first place.
Get all red tetrominos without using any hints.

Elohim's Messengers will aid those in need. Seek them out in the secret halls.
Use a hint. You are not required to confirm it.

I have gathered every sigil I could find in this land, but I fear there may 
be some that are hidden from sight.
Get all 101 tetrominos.

Don't bother going any further. I'm way ahead of you already.
Return to world B after having visited world C.

I solved this one in about 20 seconds. Get on with it.
Get 68 tetrominos.

Where do you think you're going? You don't want to go down there. Trust me.
Die 10 times in one puzzle, without leaving.

You'll be needing a special device to solve this one.
Solve a puzzle that requires a item.

Have you tried crossing the laser beams?
Beat the A4 puzzle "Don't Cross the Streams".

This is without a doubt the hardest problem I have encountered.
Spend over 30 minutes in any puzzle.

There is more to this place than it seems. I have seen things you can only imagine.
Enter a star world.

I am not the first one to undertake these trials, that much is clear. 
If you are reading this then neither will I have been the last.
Look at all QR codes without mods or cheating.

Sometimes you have to find the courage to break down the barriers. With an axe.
Destroy any wood barrier.

I have heard all the lady in the light had to say. 
I can't help but feel we have lost so much more than we have retained.
Listen to all Audio Logs without mods or cheating.

I have travelled to the edge of the known world. 
Though it seems to stretch on forever, our domain is much less than we imagined.
Go out of bounds, and die to the kill trigger.

I have now travelled this land extensively, and I can say without hesitation 
that this is the most beautiful spot.
Return to world A after having visited world B.

Elohim lied about the tower. I stepped foot inside and returned to tell the tale.
Enter, then exit the tower.

The tools to overcome this place have been provided to us. We need only learn how to use them.
Unlock an item.

Stay true to your path, for wondrous powers are granted those who progress the furthest.
Unlock all items.

Words are merely an obstacle to action. Don't talk, act.
Enter world B without using a terminal.

The truth is hidden in the words, but itís up to you to find it. Read. Think.
Read all the documents in the archive without mods or cheating.

The certification program is a sham. What does a computer know about humanity?
Complete the Human Certification survey and get registered for a conflict.

There is no way to beat the certification program. It's all lies.
Complete the Human Certification survey and get registered as a Bot.

There must be a way to escape this place. Help me to find it.
Say that you want out of here when Milton asks "What's the point?".

I asked the serpent its name. It told me it was called Milton.
Ask "What is your name?" when offered a free question.

There are those in this place who can be reasoned with. Seek them out and strike a deal. 
It worked for me.
Make a deal with the serpent.

Do not trust the serpent. Its words of doubt are easily overcome.
Banish the serpent.

Am I going crazy or do the computer terminals have a personality?
Complete the response survey with any outcome that progresses the story.

If anyone reads this - meet me at the top of the tower.
Reach the top of the tower.

I have no idea what's going on. Do you?
Start new game.

It's clear there is a higher power at work here. We need only do as we are commanded.
Say that you follow God wants when Milton asks "What's the point?" OR
Say that consciousness is another word for soul.

Frogs are people too.
Say that people are Rational Animals on Q3/4 in the Certification survey AND
Broady Agree that animals are people in Q1/7.

We all meander around this labyrinth trying to solve its puzzles, 
but we must remember it is the good of all that matters, not the triumph of one.
Rationalize the real world as a utilitarian.

We all meander around this labyrinth trying to solve its puzzles, 
but we must remember that no matter how far any one of us progresses, we all remain equal.
Rationalize the real world as an egalitarian.

We all meander around this labyrinth trying to solve its puzzles, 
but we must remember it is not the outcome that matters, 
but the reasons for our actions in the first place.
Rationalize the real world as a nonconsequentialist.

Everyone here will try to convince you their way of seeing things is right. 
Only when you realise there is no right will you truly be free.
Value yourself above all others.

My ideals have been called into question more than once, as yours will be too. 
None of that matters provided you remember that YOU are all that matters.
Answer 'Nonsense' when claimed that you care about other things and
Answer 'Pff' when claimed that you care about things beyond your satisfaction.

Do not be afraid to doubt.
Admit that Milton might have a point.

Every force in this world is some extreme or another. 
The trick is to carve out a path between them.
Question the serpent.

Elohim spoke truly. I have been given eternal life. Have faith!
Restart game via the Eternalize ending.

Elohim lies! You will not find eternal life, only damnation. Doubt everything!
Restart game via the Eternalize ending.

People talk about these secret islands, but there are greater challenges still - trust me.
Road to Gehenna

The puzzles you can see are the easy ones.
Road to Gehenna

These sigil locks come naturally to me. Perhaps I have some Russian in my lineage.
Sigils of Elohim

I took time to prepare myself for the obstacles in this world. It was time well spent.
Sigils of Elohim

I don't care what people say, I'm just here for the sigil locks.
Sigils of Elohim

Easy Skip for Prison Break Level:
Written by Tasteless Tomatos

Prison Break Level Walkthrough

* Get the two boxes that are easily accessible near the beginning of the level
  and stack them by the fence in front of the Tetris piece.
* Climb onto the step on the wall of the purple doorway at the start of the level.
* Jump onto the stacked boxes and jump over the fence.
* Grab the the Tetris piece.

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