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  Hints and Tips for: The Talos Principle 
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 The Talos Principle Cheats

The Talos Principle

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Developer's Island:
In Area A: Hub Land, go to the Room 7 teleporter. Search the opposite end 
where another teleporter should be to find Developer's Island between the 
boarded up section and the Room 6 port.

Minecraft reference:
In Area C: Room 6, enter the first puzzle to the right. Enter the Sigil 
room that is guarded by a mine. Search the dark left corner covered in 
brush carefully to find a hole in the wall. Enter it to find the Diamond
Sword stuck in a stone.

Pink Floyd reference:
In Area B: Room 5, get to the top of the ruin that you arrived in at the 
start of the room. Note: A box and fan are required to reach the top. Go 
through one of the teleporters to find a reference to Pink Floyd's "Dark 
Side Of The Moon" album cover.

Portal 2 references:
In Area B: Room 2, use the first puzzle on the left to link a red laser with
the moon to display the Aperture Science logo. Additionally, in the same 
area is a hidden key in the nearby puzzle on the right that is used to access
a telescope on the high stone beams. Use the viewfinder to get a closer look 
at the Aperture symbol on the moon to see Wheatley trapped above it.

Fork Parker reference:
In Area C: Room 2, go to the ruins of a church with a red door. Walk through
that door to enter a black hallway. Go to the window to see Fork Parker's 
office. Fork Parker is the fictional Devolver CEO that broadcasts on Twitter.

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