Theatre of War 2 - North Africa 1943 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Theatre of War 2 - North Africa 1943 
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 Theatre of War 2 - North Africa 1943 Cheats

Theatre of War 2 - North Africa 1943

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Theatre of War II covers events of 1943, the operations in Tunisia. 
Recovered from losses after their defeat at Al-Alamein, German Afrika
Korps, supported by Italian military contingent and new powerful weapons,
marched against the Allies. The German troops were commanded by general 
Rommel and had the chance for a quick victory. However, their military 
operations were severely prolonged, and the plans of the German general 
were about to fail... 

Players will have the option to lead the German Afrika Korps of Rommel 
in their last full-scale attack or be at the head of the opposing English
and American armies. 

* House to house urban combat 
* Animated hand-to-hand fighting 
* Anti-air vehicles and stationary anti-aircraft mounts to control 
* Smoke screens 
* Different types of trenches, sand bags, road blocks and barbed wire 
  emplacements are now available (to defending units only) and can be 
  placed by the * player before the battle starts 
* Advanced unit formations control 
* Improved soldier A.I. (e.g. soldiers will independently search for 
  cover and share heavy weapons ammo) 
* Improved complex infantry damage system 
* New advanced visual spotting system accounts for observation angles 
  and smoke screens 
* Online Game Server Browser 
* Improved visuals and sound, with new soldier and vehicle models, new 
  sounds and music, and all new explosion effects and animations. 
* 15 missions in three campaigns – German, American and British - 
  including famous battles such as Kasserine Pass, Sidi Bou Zid, 
  Sbeitla and Tebessa. 
* Mission Editor to create your own scenarios 
* Interactive Tactical Battle Map 
* Over 50 different vehicle types 
* Over 30 new unique buildings

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