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  Hints and Tips for: The Fate 
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 The Fate Cheats

The Fate

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Press [Left Ctrl] + [Left Shift] + ~ to display a question mark icon on the 
left side of the screen. Select the question mark icon to open the console 
window. Then, enter one of the following codes. 

Result                                 Code
Ascend indicated levels in dungeon   - ascend [number]
Ascend one level in dungeon          - ascend
Descend indicated levels in dungeon  - descend [number]
Descend one level in dungeon         - descend
1,000 Fame                           - fame
5,000 experience points              - experience
500,000 gold                         - gold
Heal character                       - heal
Level up ten times                   - god
Spawn townsperson                    - townsperson name
Spawn other item or monster          - item or monster name
Level up                             - levelup
Summons shrine                       - Shrine of learning
Summons anvil                        - Majic anvil
Spawn statue                         - fate statue
Spawn town portal spell              - town portal spell
Spawn superior sapphire              - superior sapphire
Spawn weapon rack; cannot be opened  - weapon rack
Spawn large chest; cannot be opened  - large chest
Spawn chest; cannot be opened        - chest
Spawn small chest; cannot be opened  - small chest
Spawn fountain of mana               - fountain of mana
Spawn fountain of stamina            - fountain of stamina
Spawn health fountain                - health fountain
Spawn townsperson                    - [townsperson name]
Spawn other item or monster          - [item or monster name]
Spawn cat                            - cat
Spawn dog                            - terrier 

Ultimate weapon:
Get a weapon (for example, Gladius), then get Rikko to socket it. It must have three
sockets. Afterwards, get a Superior Ruby, Superior Turquoise, and Superior Opal. It 
should inflict fire, electricity, and ice damage.

Proceed to the sixth level of the dungeon. Somewhere in the dungeon is Pikko the
fisherman, who has some fish.

Easy fights:
Buy or spawn the Summon Shrike spell and learn it. Every time you level up, raise 
your Charm magic points. You should soon have at least 50 Charm magic points. Your 
summoned Shrikes should now be a very high level and last for a very long time. You 
will no longer have to participate in small fights because your Shrikes will take 
care of the monsters for you.

Easy money:
* Spawn a Legendary Frostrind repeatedly. They need to be identified. Also spawn a
  Book Of Identify. Legendary Frostrinds, if identified, will sell for 5.6 million
  gp each.

* Spawn "Legendary Ancestral Footsteps" and Identify them. They will sell for 11 
  million gp each. If you spawn nineteen "Legendary Ancestral Footsteps" then spawn
  two "Book of Identify" you will get over 200 million gp once they are identified 
  and sold. Use your pet as extra inventory space and you can raise your fame at the
  minstrel very quickly.

* Spawn ten "Legendary Ancestral Footsteps" and Identify them. Spawn a number of 
  "Magic Anvils" needed to put two sockets on each Ancestral Footstep. Spawn a number
  of "Andrew Swift's Turquoise Eye" to fill all the sockets with them. Once the boots
  have been identified and the gems have been added, they will sell for over 25 million

* Socket both "Gems Of Ages" into the "King's Fistcuffs". It will now sell for about 
  9 million gp. 

Defeating the final Boss:
Purchase and learn the Charm Monster spell and a Summon spell of your choice. Start by
charming about half of the monster's minions. They will attack their brethren and 
create chaos, giving you an opening to slip in to the Boss. Note: Summon some creatures
beforehand. Do not summon the creatures before you charm because these monsters are 
immune to charms after they start to fight.

Item names:
Enter one of the following item names at the console window to spawn 
the corresponding item. 

Item code                             Description 	
Chain of Ancients                   - Necklace
Legendary Amilia's Boots Of Walking - Boots Defense 87
Legendary Ancestral Footsteps       - Boots Defense 390
Legendary Barrow Bite               - Sword 68-256 Fast
Legendary Blackhearted              - Belt
Legendary Blackspine                - Bow 56-168 Fast
Legendary Colossus Boots            - Boots Defense 317
Legendary Companion Of The Studious - Helmet "Magic" Defense 54
Legendary Cunning Lance Of Mim      - Spear 68-304 Normal
Legendary Deathbite                 - Bow 112-260 Fast
Legendary Dragonplate               - Belt Defense 96
Legendary Festy's Rope-A-Dope       - Belt Defense 68
Legendary Frostrind                 - Shield Defense 346
Legendary Furious Knuckles          - Gloves Defense 174
Legendary Gleaming Rictus           - Bow Damage 132-300 Normal
Legendary Gul's Mitts               - Gloves Defense 239
Legendary Hiram's Grip              - Gloves Defense 33
Legendary Horu's Dexterous Fingers  - Gloves Defense
Legendary Hunter's Twin             - Bow Damage 96-224 Normal
Legendary Insidious Carbon          - Helmet Defense 257
Legendary Ironmight                 - Shield Defense 126
Legendary King's Fisticuffs         - Gloves Defense 307
Legendary Mage's Bane               - Shield Defense 448
Legendary Minamoto's Shinobi Blade  - Sword
Legendary Mindtrap                  - Axe 40-72 Fast
Legendary Runic Cap                 - Helmet Defense 37
Legendary Starfire Girdle           - Belt Defense 34
Legendary Vicious Canticle          - Hammer 240-344 Slow
Legendary Zen's Vengeance           - Damage 38-76 Fast
Elite Blasted Garb                  - Body Armor Defense 240
Elite Bloodgleam                    - Belt Defense 78
Elite Bonegrasp                     - Gloves Defense 26
Elite Brittlesleeves                - Body Armor Defense 56
Elite Burslem's Divine Equalizer    - Bow 40-74 Damage Fast
Elite Dreamdrinker                  - Bow 24-66 Fast
Elite Terminal Calculation          - Spear 56 - 224 Fast
Elite Telengard's Girdle            - Belt Defense 32
Elite Vicious Interlock             - Body Armor Defense 120

Unlimited money:
Use a text editor to edit the "items.dat" file in the "items" directory in the game 
folder. The third item should be "AXE". Change the value (price) to any number under
2.173 billion. From now on, any time you find an axe, it will sell for whatever price 
you set the value to.

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