The Horde 2 - The Citadel Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Horde 2 - The Citadel 
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 The Horde 2 - The Citadel Cheats

The Horde 2 - The Citadel

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Captain Xtreme

Cheat Codes:
CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+M - Gives You The Ability To See Everything On The Map!
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R - SETS your resources to 100,000 and Population to 500!
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+H - Heals The Troops/Workers That Are Selected (Not Buildings)

Hints And Tips:
How To Kill The Mage/Shadow That Walks Around The Cave Entrance:
1- Firstly Advance Your Town And Buildings Until Your Workers Can Create Traps! 
   You can find out if your workers can create traps by selecting ONE worker and 
   look at the bottom right Option if it's empty you have to advance if It shows 
   like something similar of creating a trap you know... You can create a trap now!
2- Secondly Come Near The Cave Entrance Until you meet the Shadow Guy
3- Thirdly Get A Group Of Soldiers To Explore The Forests For Any Forest Bears Or 
   Forest Trees With A Monster Inside That Create A Wave When your Soilders Come 
   Near It That Damages Your Soldiers (P.S Make sure you are peaceful or like 
   friends with the shadow guy)
4- Then Make A Group Of Workers Not A Single Worker In case of a death... and Let
   one of them create traps where is posible to around the shadow guy's cave 
   entrance and don't worry the shadow guy won't die or get caught in the trap
   if you have placed one infront of him!
5- Make sure you have lots of traps and traps near the cave... Then let your 
   workers and soldiers get away from the forest... as far as possible... best
   if you come back to your home land, if you don't want to kill them!
6- Go to the shadow guys options and select something similar as if you don't want 
   to be friends with him and want to attack him... basically make yourself enemy 
   with the shadow guy! And watch him step on one of those traps... and when he 
   does lots of lightning will strike all around him and burn the forests!

How to advance to stone age:
1- Firstly Build Lots Of Every Type Of Building you Can Make Until You can make A 
   Stable For The Horse Swordsmen to be trained and so on... then wait til you 
   can make a windmill or whatever that SPEEDS your troop and worker training up..
   then If I haven't missed anything build the final building which is the church 
   and more than one of every new building you invented (P.S: if you can't invent 
   any other building... you have to build some laboratories and to speed it up 
   make more than one and fill the gold bars and the skulls inside the Labs)
2- Make sure that you don't have any towers very far away from your castle so when
   you make your stone age castle they will be uncontrolled by you and slowly going
   down until destruction, some of other NPC kings might send troops to over take 
   the towers that are going down...
3- Then When No one is attacking you, just in case if you might fail this... DESTROY
   your castle and press SPACE to select your king and then build a new castle in 
   the same place (NOT RECOMMENDED to build your castle somewhere else... because 
   your buildings that are very far away might start going down just like I said 
   about the towers!) (P.S: the new castle will be a little larger so make sure 
   you have space)
4- Here you get a stone age castle! Then you can build your Stone Age Barracks and
   then another one if you want and you will then invent and replace new stone age
   buildings for your old buildings such as: Laboratory = New Stone Laboratory and
   so on...

P.S: You will invent a new building and it will be to train birds to fly around the
     map even past water rivers without rivers (OBVIOUSLY) and they will be controlled
     by you, only way to kill birds is by bowmen and/or catapults and stuff that can 
     shoot stuff in the air!

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