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  Hints and Tips for: The Hulk 
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 The Hulk Cheats

The Hulk

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54
Update by: Gaurav Dahale
Update by: Glowa

Enter these codes during game only (find a Game Terminal to enter them):
JANITOR - UNLOCK GRAY HULK (Play as the gray Hulk immediately)

Enter these codes in Options/Code Input:
GMMSKIN - INVULNERABILTY (Hulk and Banner are invulnerable to all damage)
FLSHWND - REGENERATOR (Hulk regenerates at twice the speed)
ANGMNGT - FULL RAGE METER (Rage meter is full and never depletes) 
GRNCHTR - UNLIMITED CONTINUES (Number of continues never depletes)
HLTHDSE - DOUBLE HULK'S HP (Hulk's health is doubled)
BRNGITN - DOUBLE ALL ENEMIES HP (Enemies' health are doubled)
MMMYHLP - HALF ALL ENEMIES HP (Enemies' health are halved)
FSTOFRY - WICKED PUNCH (Instant kill with any of Hulk's attack)
BRCESTN - PUZZLE SOLVED (Puzzles are immediately solved when encountered)
NMBTHIH - RESET HIGH SCORE (Reset all High scores to default)

Then, you can activate them in Options/Special Features/Cheats.

Launch Parameters : 
Hulk.exe uses a separate file (args.txt) for the launch parameters:

You can create this file (simple text format) or directly unrar args.txt 
included in this release, into your install directory. 

Next edit it to change parameters with:
-fesoak      Unlock Special Features (cheats/arts/movies)
-supersoak   Unlock ALL              (Cheats/art/movies/challenge modes)
-soak        Begin directly to first level

Another (useless) parameters to try for nosy guys:

Launch Parameters:
Submitted by: Gagan Purohit

Create a file called "args.txt" in your install directory. In this text file, 
put any of the following parameters for the desired effect: 
-supersoak Unlock Everything
-fesoak    Unlock Special Features
-soak.     Begin Directly on First Level

Submitted by: Kalyan teja

In main menu search & try to find the cheats option in various options in menu 
then enter as.........GMMSKIN......with this you will have full strength

Return of Half-Life and Madman:
After you defeat Ravage and passed the Gamma Elites, you will reach a "door". Two
old Bosses will return for revenge (Madman and Half-Life). Deplete half of one of
their meters. Madman will escape, will return in the last level. This time, take 
down Half-Life. Use the Air Gamma trick. This time he stays defeated.

Tank shields:
When a tank has its shield up, you cannot go through it, but your Gamma Claps can.
It also reduces the withstanding. You will find health and rage.

Defeating super robots:
The super-robots are the steel-made hide-weaponry guards inside the Desert Base. 
To defeat them, get them to clump together. Then, jump over the pack of them and 
run in a circle around them. They will use their energy-beam attack, but as you 
run it will hit more robots, damaging or destroying them all.

Waving soldier:
In challenge mode, go to time attack mode 1. Wait until the soldiers appear. Go 
to either side of the building. Pick up a soldier, jump, and throw him off the 
building. Sometimes another soldier will wave good-bye to him.

Jump higher than helicopter's:
Submitted by: karan

Go to option's clickon code input and type "jumping" then the hulk will jump higher 
than helicopter's.


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