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  Hints and Tips for: The Italian Job 
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 The Italian Job Cheats

The Italian Job

Submitted by: rick

Turin: - Hidden job and a Hidden car:
Submitted by: -

In the free ride in Turin city take a police car. Ride forward and take first right.
After reaching to the roundabout again take right. Drive forward to reach a parking 
lot, as soon as you will reach near it your time will start. Quickly go in the right
side of the road where the parking lot is there. It is a bit under ground. As soon 
as you reach there start hitting all cones and try to do so within the time limit. 
After hitting all cones a man in black coat will come and ask you for a job. That 
job will be of pizza delivery. As soon as you reach near the pizza store. They will
give you a time of about 3 to 4 minutes. You have to deliver pizzas to eight different
places and come back to the pizza store again within the Time. Then they will tell 
you to go to the mansion hideout there will be a golden car waiting for you. AND that
car will be bullet proof so there will be no damage limit. And its speed is highest 
than any other car i.e. 139mph.

Lamborghini Miura:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Lamborghini Miura in free ride mode. 

London: Remove damage:
Drive to the junkyard and find the red car located near the entrance. Race that car
around the junk yard to remove the damage from your vehicle. 
Note: The bus is recommended. 

Turin: Hidden job:
Drive to the roundabout and take the first right. Drive forward to reach the parking
lot. Hit all the cones to get a job offer. Follow the on-screen arrows to get the job.
Note: The police car is recommended.

Getting airborne:
In the Keeping It Up level in London, after the turn with the café tables and chairs,
turn right onto the sidewalk. Stay there, and you will see an incline. Go over that 
incline and your car will become airborne. Do not land on the building or the lamppost
on the way down or you may lose Dave.

Play any stage:
Submitted by: Cornelius christian

Guys, if you have any problems completing the any stage of any mode i.e. challenge,
destructor etc. just quit the game. Then open your game folder and then open code 
folder. You will see many stages like 1,2,...99. Open any and u can play any locked
or unlocked stage. ok then, have fun... 

Turin: Gold Mini Cooper:
There is an underground parking garage with cones formed into a track. There is
also a timer counting down from 43 seconds. Hit all the cones within the 43 
seconds and a man will walk to your car. After he tells you about the pizza place,
go there and do what the man there tells you. The Gold Mini Cooper will be at the 
mansion if you were successful. The Gold Mini is invulnerable to damage. Also when
in it, the police will not come after you unless you hit them. 
Note: The best car to start out with is the cop car. In one of the pizza deliveries,
you will drive past a cop. He will be on to you and you cannot drop off the pizza 
until you lose the police. This wastes time. With the cop car, this does not happen.
You also have a countdown timer when you are delivering the pizzas. It counts down 
from 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Mafia Mania: Easy completion:
* If you are stuck at the end when at Turin airport, turn around and go between the
  two Mafia cars, up the dirt pile, and over the fence. The Mafia will not follow 
  you. Follow the path and you will end up at the hideout.

* Ditch the Mafia quickly by going to a big mound by the fence in the corner. An 
  intermission sequence will show the jump. Then, drive back to HQ using the hidden
  road. Do not worry -- it ends at the mansion. Practice this jump in free drive 
  mode before attempting it.

Get past police car:
Drive in a police car to race past other police cars. However, if you hit or even 
tap a police car, it will chase you.

London: Remove damage:
Drive to the junkyard and find the red car located near the entrance. Race that car
around the junk yard to remove the damage from your vehicle. 
Note: The bus is recommended.

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