The Last Stand - Union City Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Last Stand - Union City 
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 The Last Stand - Union City Cheats

The Last Stand - Union City

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Kacey

The last stand for me was the easiest. And ill explain how i got all of the 
best weapons and gear before i beat the beta version. First when you first 
start click custom character.
(This is not the most important thing but it makes everything else easier.)

-=Set your stats to this=-

Strength  : 3
Precision : 2
intellect : 10
endurance : 10
luck      : 10

-=Next when you get to the skill have them check as=-

Blades (For melee)
Pistol (For gun)
Survival (For endurance)
Searching (For intellect)

Start up your game and quickly run through the first few screens. Using melee 
only get to the first HOUSE, not SAFE House. Go through and check EVERYWHERE 
while killing every zombie.(Note: GET ALL OF THE MONEY YOU CAN FIND! THE MONEY 
level your security to 30 then only level your searching. (Note: The goal here 
is to find a machete.)Once you cleared the house go to the safe house. 
Loot ALL of the food you can find. (Don't forget to get the hunters book from 
the bookshelf upstairs. Also dont forget your gonna be using if not only 
MOSTLY melee.) Next repeat the steps for the first house for next houses until 
you reach the gate at the end of the road. Follow the instructions for the quests. 
(Note: If you find a weak gun grab ALL of the ammo you can find for it. 
That will be you emergency gun.) When you get to the city clear the building 
like i told you before. (GRAB ALL OF THE FOOD YOU WILL NEED IT!!!) 
You will notice that you are getting a shit ton of food. Don't drop any and only 
eat WHAT YOU NEED.after hitting 45 searching you can go ahead and level your 
blade skill to 40. When you get to the lady who lost her glasses, talk to her 
and go find them. She will be the most important person in the game. 
Next give her your most powerful weapon. (Note: If you have a automatic gun for 
any reason GIVE IT TO HER.) She never runs out of bullets so give her any automatic 
gun. Now that you are about 10x more powerful with her at your side you will be 
able to get through the town much quicker. Once you go through the game enough 
following the same house clearing rules as I said before you will run into a 
MONEY ONLY shop. Buy the best automatic gun there. (I forget the name of it because 
I'm on my work-computer.) And give it to your friend. By now you WILL have the 
machete if not a sharpened one. After that i dont have much of A guide other than 
you will want to always give your best automatic weapons to your friend. 

(Note: If she dies for a! ny reason go back to the city and get the guy that you 
had to get a rifle for. Ive never had that happen before but im sure he is better 
than nothing.

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