The Road To El Dorado - Gold And Glory Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Road To El Dorado - Gold And Glory 
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 The Road To El Dorado - Gold And Glory Cheats

The Road To El Dorado - Gold And Glory

Submitted by: conner54

Voyage To The New World, Part 3: Two-keyed Bar Door:
When you are bribing Joesephine to get you keys for biscuits, ask her for
the red key and blue key. If you have to start over again, it will be the
green key and the pink key. 

Tribute for the giant idols:
When you are at the part where Miguel and Tulio get separated after the 
bridge collapses, you will notice that the giant idols will ask for tribute,
such as something to please the eye. First, on Tulio's side, keep exploring 
until you see one of the idol's ears light up on Miguel's side. Stop Tulio 
and switch to Miguel. Have Miguel play his reed to the idol. After the idol
has raised a gigantic block, have Miguel explore until one of the idol's 
eyes lights up. Stop, and switch to Tulio. Have Tulio cross the only risen
block and get the golden plate. Take the golden plate to the idol with the
eyes lit and show it to her. After the block has risen, explore until an 
idol's nose lights up on Miguel's side. Switch to Miguel and show her the
sock. Afterwards, explore until the last idol's mouth glows. Have Tulio feed
him a biscuit and you are done.

Voyage To The New World, Part 3: Get Past Sailor:
Even though you are disguised as one of the crew, you will notice that the 
sailor polishing cannons still will not let you use his lamp oil or lamp. 
However, the sailor is completely scared of rats. Go back down to where Tulio
is located. You will notice a rat running around. Go to the metal door on the
floor, highlight it, and select the boat hook to keep it open. Then, highlight
it again and select the biscuit. After the rat has gone inside, highlight the 
trap again and select the sock to keep the rat in your pocket. After you have 
shown the sailor the rat, you are free to do whatever is needed. 
Note: In order for Miguel to get the boat hook, you must select Altivo while 
highlighting the trap. 

Keys from Josephine:
Steal the biscuits from the table. The sailor will say "Stop stealing my 
biscuits Josephine. Do you want to end up like me?". Give the monkey biscuits
for the red and blue key. They are usually the correct ones for the door the 
first time. Do not ask for a third key or you will have to start over again. 
You can then climb across the metal railing and open the door. 

Voyage To The New World, Part 3: Disguise yourself as a crew member:
When you enter the room with the man polishing a cannon, go to the left side
of the far left canon. You should see something red on the floor. Do all 
sorts of positions until it glows. Pick it up and you are now disguised as
one of the crew. Note: You must be playing as Miguel to do this.

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