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 The Sims 3 - Supernatural Cheats

The Sims 3 - Supernatural

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Push control, alt, and c at the same time. The blue line on the top pops up and 
type in "motherlode" and it will give you some money for your house, sim, or just 

Unlimited Money:
Enter " familyfunds lastname 999,999,999 " without the comma's. Trust me it really

Main Cheat Code:
Enter " testingCheatsEnabled true ". Enter the code while creating your person. 
Hold Shift and left click on items to teleport and other things.

All needs full and other things:
Hold ctrl , shift and c together. When the bar pops up enter testingcheatenabled 
true and make sure to have that space with true or else it wont work.

Expansion Set Cheats:
Since this is an expansion set for Sims 3, most of the cheat codes and password 
from the main game will work while you're playing this release. Stuff like unlimited
simoleans can be had with the existing codes.

Get All Sims To Be Your Sim's Best Friend:
First, you must enable cheat codes and get to the console by pressing shif+control+c
and then entering 'testingcheatsenabled true'. Go to click on your mail box and choose
'make me know everyone'. After that, go and see your relationship with all and drag 
the other sim's relationship to the end and they will be your best friend forever.

Easy Money Using Super Natural Sims:
Submitted by: Death

first of all you should have three sims: witch/Fairy(it's not really important)/WereWolf 
The witch can create apples and turn them into gems by magic and then he cut the gems and 
become expinsive (of course any plant can be converted into gems) or he can plant them 
the fairy will help the plants to grow The WereWolf well help getting more gems and will 
catch fishes and 
other thing (beetls maybe) well you can use the fish for either make fertilizers or eat 
them now both fairy and witch and werewolfs register them into self employed elixars makers 
the werewolf will help you to get ingridients


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