The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 
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 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Cheats

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Bonus dresses:
During the game press [F12] then type "PLANKTON". In the game a symbol looking like a
pile of clothes appears. This opens up 4 bonus dresses.

All chapters:
At the main menu press [F12] then type "awegames".Then click on the ship to play any 

Treasure Chest Unlockables:
By finding a certain amount of treasure chests, you can unlock certain things. Most of
these are just things to change how something looks, or gives insight about the creation
of the game.

Unlockable             How to Unlock
"Bad Guy" Sounds     - Collect 5 treasure chests.
"Emergency" Sounds   - Collect 11 treasure chests.
"Fun" Sounds         - Collect 16 treasure chests.
"Krabby" Sounds      - Collect 19 treasure chests.
"Macho" Sounds       - Collect 24 treasure chests.
"Mindy" Sounds       - Collect 27 treasure chests.
"Patrick" Sounds     - Collect 33 treasure chests.
"Plankton" Sounds    - Collect 36 treasure chests.
"Spongebob" Sounds   - Collect 30 treasure chests.
Bad-Guy Artpack      - Collect 37 treasure chests.
Film Trailer 1       - Collect 1 treasure chests.
Film Trailer 2       - Collect 6 treasure chests.
Fishhook Grabber     - Collect 17 treasure chests.
Goofy Goober Artpack - Collect 22 treasure chests.
Long Enemy Antennas  - Collect 3 treasure chests.
Magnetic Pickup      - Collect 39 treasure chests.
Mindy Artpack        - Collect 34 treasure chests.
Movie Concept Art    - Collect 10 treasure chests.
Patrick Artpack      - Collect 9 treasure chests.
Plankton Artpack     - Collect 14 treasure chests.
Spongebob Artpack    - Collect 4 treasure chests.
Story Movie 1        - Collect 8 treasure chests.
Story Movie 10       - Collect 38 treasure chests.
Story Movie 2        - Collect 13 treasure chests.
Story Movie 3        - Collect 15 treasure chests.
Story Movie 4        - Collect 18 treasure chests.
Story Movie 5        - Collect 21 treasure chests.
Story Movie 6        - Collect 23 treasure chests.
Story Movie 7        - Collect 26 treasure chests.
Story Movie 8        - Collect 29 treasure chests.
Story Movie 9        - Collect 35 treasure chests.
Story Movie Final    - Collect 40 treasure chests.
Thug Tug Artpack     - Collect 28 treasure chests.
Tiny Foggers         - Collect 25 treasure chests.

Defeating Dennis:
Dennis will use Sponge Bob as a hockey stick and hit toilets at you (which 
means you are Patrick). If you upgraded Pat's Star Spin, use it to hit them
back at him. The entire battle remains the same, except after a chunk of his
health is gone enemies will appear and spin attack you. Jump on their heads.
In part two of the battle, you will be Sponge Bob. Dennis wil throw daggers 
at you. Just dodge them. Attack him with a Bubble Bowl. Again, the fight is 
the same, only fish with giant crowbars will try to hit you. If you upgraded
your Bubble Bowl, detonate it between Dennis and an enemy if they are close.

Defeating the frogfish:
The fight starts with Patrick. The frogfish will try to ram you at first. 
Dodge it by cartwheeling out of the way (because Patrick is so slow). If it
hits you, hit the old lady on its tongue. Once you clear the green part of 
its health bar, it will jump to another platform. It will dig with its tongue
and try to hit you. Hit the tongue. Keep repeating this. When the fish jumps 
to the other platform, the tongue will do a spinning attack. Do a @$#!&% slam
on it.

Easy moves:
Sometimes when Mindy pops up saying that you need to get a certain amount of
Goofy Goober tokens to learn a new move, you do not have to get that amount.
Get as many as you want and bring them back to Mindy. 
Note: Sometimes this does not work.

Extra bounce on trampoline:
When on a trampoline, use the $%*&! Smash as Patrick directly above a trampoline
while in a chain of trampolines (such as the ones in 3000 miles To Shell City 
and the More Bounce Please Challenge in Welcome To Planktopolis...Minions). 
For the next two trampolines, you will bounce higher and faster. 
This gives you a greater chance for unlocking more treasure chests.

Sundae Driving level: Beating the Macho Time Challenge:
Get to the Macho Time Challenge. On the first lap, start out on the left turn
(the right will take you longer) and complete a normal lap up until the hallway.
Then where the road turns off into a wall, drive through the wall. If you have 
a turbo, once entering the hidden path it is best to use one. Then, complete a 
normal lap from then on. Then, do the same on your second lap and third, except
on the third when the wall opens up to the stream of water, ignore it, and once
again complete a normal lap. You should be about 5 to 10 seconds earlier than 
the set time.

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