The Simpsons - Virtual Springfield Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: The Simpsons - Virtual Springfield 
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 The Simpsons - Virtual Springfield Cheats

The Simpsons - Virtual Springfield

Location select: 
Press [Alt] + [F3] to display the map. Hold [Shift] + V + S and 
double-click on a destination. 

Getting all the collector cards: 
In the main room of Krusty-Lu Studios is a poster hanging above a
water fountain. Click on it to find a collector card underneath. 
Leave for a few seconds, then return. Click on the poster again. 
This time a different card will appear. Repeat this process until
all 74 cards are collected. 

Key and object locations: 
Krusty's Office:  Krusty key in money drawer at Town Hall. 
Skinner's Office: "Spanky" key in lost and found box at Moe's Tavern. 

Cemetery Telescope: In e-mail on Skinner's computer. 
Miss Hoover's Bottom Drawer: Paper in Lisa's desk drawer. 
Gerbil Cage: Gerbil food in Miss Hoover's bottom drawer. 

School Lockers: Slip of paper under Bart's bed. 
Grampa's Bottom Drawer: Paper in Bart's locker. 
Stone Cutters: Ring in Grandpa's bottom drawer. 

Mr. Burns' Washroom: CMB key in Stone Cutters. 
Other: Book in Stone Cutters can make Flanders' kids act possessed.

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