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 The Void Cheats

The Void

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

To activate the ingame console, you need to open the “game\data” folder and edit "config.xml". 
Find the line containing: "FullScreen/". Below it type: 
"Console/". Save, then launch the game.

The console should be available with a press of “~”. 

Code                           Effect
/turgor                      - Reach the state of turgor: get all organs, get full lympha. 
                               You won’t be able to aquire more organs upon using this cheat.
                               Sisters will play dialogues assigned to meeting player in this 
/stronger                    - Gives you the basic battle glyphs and some lympha. Useful for 
                               fighting hunters. It is highly recommended to use this instead
                               of /turgor unless you want to jump into the “end of game” state.
/giveall                     - Opens all body zones (all gestures will be availiable) and gives
                               200 drops of lypha of every type (free, active) and every color.
/add_fl [type] [amount]      - Add free (memory) lympha of type [0..6] with ammount [0..500..+]
/add_al [type] [amount       - Add active (palette) lympha of type [0..6] with ammount [0..500..+]
/open_zone [number]          - Get an organ [0..20];
/go #                        - Go to chamber #, where # = [1..35]. Some chambers are not defined.
                               May cause conflicts with game’s logic if the player is supposed to
                               enter the   chambers manually (e.g. in the beginning of the game 
                               you ought to visit three chambers through the world’s map).
/openall                     - Unlock all chambers. Can’t be undone.
/gopt [name]                 - Go to the pointer inside a Chamber.
/save [name]                 - Save your game to [name] file. Works only on the map.
                               (game save system doesn't support saves inside the chambers)
/load [name]                 - Load a game from [name].
/talk_girl [name]            - Talk to the girl [name].
/kill_girl [name]            - Kill the girl [name].
/surface_exit [0..2]         - Launch one of the exits to the surface sequences.
/final [final]               - See one of the endings: self, both, 
                               [sister_name] = ava, aya, echo, eli, ima, ire, ole, una, uta, 
/talk_hunter [name]          - Talk to the Brother [name].
/talk_hunter [name] [script] - Talk to the Brother [name] and play dialogue [script]. Most 
                               useful is “/talk_hunter XXXX meeting”, other may be specific 
                               for some particular hunter (or not).
/add_hunter [name or 1-10]   - adds the Brother specified. There are 10 Brothers, number is 
                               therefore from 1 to 10.
setvar show_physics [1 or 0] - or
 /die                        - Use to kill a Brother while fighting him; then make a single 
                               stroke to finish him.
‘show_physics [1 or 0]       - Enables or disables physical envelopes visualisation. May 
                               drastically decrease performance (= very slooow). Used mainly
                               to undestand what’s wrong if player is stuck or walks through 
                               something. Also may come in handy if the veins in the mines 
                               are not displayed (they always have collision envelopes, 
                               even when invisible).

Lympha types:
Use one of the following entries with the "/add_fl" or "/add_al" codes. 

Code Color
0  - Silver
1  - Crimson
2  - Amber
3  - Azure
4  - Violet
5  - Emerald
6  - Gold

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