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  Hints and Tips for: Titanfall 2 
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 Titanfall 2 Cheats

Titanfall 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Use your shields:
Several of the Titans have a shield, protecting them from frontal attacks. 
Use it. The rather wonderful vortex shield is always a winner, allowing you 
to suck in incoming projectiles then dispense them back at your opponent, 
but don't neglect Legion's Gun Shield or Scorch's Thermal Shield; both can
keep you whole while you're tackling enemy Titans.

How to use Holo Pilot:
* Select Holo Pilot from Tactical Ability. 
* For PC press Q to engage it. Get to a position first. 
* Stand for a while and hit the key to enable this Tactical Ability.
* If you want the hologram to crouch, first do the same and then engage it.
* For sliding or running, first run and then engage Holo Pilot. Stand back,
  the Hologram will slide ahead of you to some distance and ends with a 
* In an open place run straight and engage Holo Pilot and wait back. It will 
  run straight to a distance. It is ideal movement to surprise hiding enemies,
  when you zoom in to a target to shoot, the Holo Pilot will walk. But if you 
  zoom * out it will run at a standard speed and walking can alert the enemies 
  that it’s not a real player. 

Additional Holo Pilot Tips:
* When you are not sure about enemies around, take a position in an open place 
  for example on a roof and deploy holo pilot. Any enemy in the area will try 
  to shoot it. You can hide yourself nearby, take a perfect shot and kill it. 
* Holo Pilot can also help in a strategic attack against Titans. Deploy it 
  from a standard distance from any Titan ahead, it will attack directly. 
  This will reduce its energy which later can be utilized as a crucial point 
  in defeat. 
* When you land in a battleground and waiting to eject from Titan, deploy 
  Holo Pilot to confuse enemy.  This will help you to avoid any instant attack. 

Easy "Close Shave" achievement:
In Mission 3: Blood And Rust, there are two friendly Titans at the start of 
the mission. They are Lt. Shaver and Lt. Freeborn. You must clear the first 
area and keep both of them alive to get the "Close Shave" achievement. If 
one of them dies, you must restart the mission. Kill all enemies as quickly 
as possible. Run up to the enemies so they focus their fire on you and not 
your allies. It is recommended to do this on the Easy difficulty. 
Use the rocket launcher to take out the infantry quickly (locks onto enemies 

Banking Advice:
After a round, you will earn money but also run the risk of having it stolen.
Make sure to deposit it quickly, and crouch while you are in the process of 
depositing. It's safest to deposit small amounts of currency at a time, or to
have a teammate cover you, so that you're not an easy target for your foes. 
You can also use your Titan for extra protection. Of course, it also pays to
keep in mind that your foes will be applying the same strategies. If you can 
get to them before their money is secured, you can really help out your team. 

Dinosaur Doll:
As you are playing through the training area in Titanfall 2, look for a small 
dinosaur doll. Start by running down the long tunnel, until you emerge in the 
first open area. Head immediately left from there, toward the floating rock 
monument. Climb up onto it and you will find the stuffed dinosaur doll.

Ditch the Titan:
Battling while riding in the huge Titan mech is a lot of fun and makes you a 
powerful adversary, but you're not impervious to attacks. If you take too 
much damage, the vehicle will explode and take you with it. Definitely pay 
attention to your remaining energy, and eject from the mech if it is about 
to explode. Now you just have to hope that no one on the opposing team shoots
you down while you are makign your escape. 

You can find the EPG in the Pilot Certification Training tutorial. Look above
the gun range that faces toward a grouping of targets to find it. 

Titans for Sale:
When you start playing, you'll have access to only three of the six total 
Titans available. Ronin, Legion, and Tone are locked away until you either 
level up a lot, or until you buy them using in-game currency. They only cost
25 credits apiece, which means they're a cheap purchase, so you're better 
off making the extra mechs your first investment before you start sinking 
credits in other options.

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